Minutes of Committee meeting held 31st March 1879

Handwritten, in the style of

It was agreed by the undersigned being a Select committee chosen by the Vestry on March 29th that the rates to be charged for water by the Thirsk District Water Co be as follows.
For houses of3pound rental and under10pr quarter
 4 11    "
 5 13 
 6 16 
 7 19 
 8 22 
 10 26 
 12 30 
 15 39 
 18 46 
 21 53 
 25 60 
 30 80 
 40 90 
 50 100 

Eating houses to be Supplied at the same price as normal houses,

Licensed houses to be charged at the rate of 1/3 in the pound on their rental.

The Local authority and the Highway Board to be supplied with water for washing the streets, flushing the sewers, extinguishing fires, and other purposes at the rate of 2 1/2d per thousand gallons.

Clause 24

The company shall when requested to do so enter into agreements for the supply of water by measure to any consumer - rents for meters to be charged on a fixed and reasonable rate to be ascertained from other Towns.

The price of water to be at the rate of 6d per thousand gallons.

The directors to be called on to shew that theyhave a bona fide existance in paid up share capital, reasonably sufficient to enable them to carry out this undertaking.

The Directors to be called on to furnish direct evidence that the two streams to be impounded viz Oak Beck and North Wood Slack will yield a sufficient supply of water for the companies requirements after having supplied the compensation water for the mill owners.

The Storage capacity of the reservoir viz 86 days is insufficient to ensure a supply of water during a dry summer and they should be enlarged so as to hold at least 140 days supply of the Company's requirements of half a million gallons a day. To do this, the reservoir must hold 70,000,000 gallons. The Directors in their prospectus say they can readily do this at a moderate outlay.

We are advised there should be a covered service reservoir at some convenient point between storage reservoir (described in the Draft order as the Service reservoir) and the town of Thirsk in order to relieve the great pressure in the lead pipes, and fittings, that would be caaused by the storage reservoir being several hundred feet higher than the Town, and to afford a supply of water to the Town in case of accident to the line of pipes, the filter beds, or storage reservoir, so that the Town should not be without water during the time required to repair any accident that might happen.

The water must be efficiently filtered, through properly constructed filter beds as shown on the plans.

Clause 21

Lines 34 and 35 on page 7 to be struck out.

Thomas Coltman
William Ayre
Robert Jacques
A C Bamlett
Geo Freeman
Henry Smith


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