Thirsk District Water Company Limited Prospectus

Transcript of the original prospectus on white paper single folded to 10 inch by 16 inch portrait.

The Companies Acts, 1862, 1867, & 1877.




RICHARD JORDAN, Printer, 123, Chancery Lane, London, W.C.



CAPITAL 16,000, divided into 3200 Shares of 5 each.

Ten Shillings per Share to be paid on Application; Ten Shillings on Allotment; and the remaining 4 in Calls not exceeding 1 each, at intervals of not less than Three Months.

Provisional Directors:
REGINALD BELL, of Sharow, Ripon, Yorkshire, Esquire, Chairman.
CHARLES OAKLEY SANDERS, of The Hall, Thirsk, Yorkshire, Esquire.
BENJAMIN BINKS, Jun., of No. 4, York Place, Leeds, Yorkshire, Merchant.
WILLIAM HALL, "Fleece" Hotel, Thirsk, Yorkshire, Innkeeper.
GEORGE ANDERSON, Kirkgate, Thirsk, Yorkshire, Plumber, &c.
QUINTIN RHODES, of Sowerby, Thirsk, Yorkshire, Brewer.

(Thirsk Branch).

Messrs, SWARBRECK & RHODES, Thirsk

JOHN HORACE RHODES, C.E., 27, Park Square, Leeds.

ALFRED SWARBRECK, Esq., Sowerby, Thirsk.

Registered Office:


THIS COMPANY is formed under the provisions of The Companies Acts, 1862, 1867, and 1877, with limited liability, for the purpose of constructing Water Works, under the authority of a Provisional Order, to be obtained from the Board of Trade.

The District to be supplied comprises the Villages of Boltby, Feliskirk, and Carlton Minniot, the Towns of Thirsk and Sowerby, and the North-Eastern Railway Company at their Stations at Thirsk and Northallerton.

The existing supply for the District is derived principally from wells, and in nearly all cases where the Water has been dubjected to analysis, it has been found more or less tainted with sewage, or of extreme hardness. Moreover, in times of drought, or in cases of fire, the present supply Is wholly inadequate.

The Company propose to supply Water at high pressure, by gravitation, from a Water-shed of about 800 acres, situate in the township of Boltby, belonging to the Trustees of the late Edmund Walker, Esq, deceased, with whom the Company have entered into an agreement, for the acquisition of the land required for the construction of Reservoirs and Works, at the moderate annual Rent Charge of 2 per acre.

The analysis of the Water, made by Mr. Fairley, of Leeds, F.R.S.E., is as follows:-

1.Chlorides equal. to Common Salt, per gallon 1.23
 Nitrates of Lime, &c. 0.00
 Sulphates and Carbonates of Lime and Magnesia 1.57I
 Silica Alumina and Oxide of Iron a trace
2.Volatile and Organic matter 0.84
       Total dissolved Solids 3.64
1.Containing Chlorine 0.745
2.Ammonia 0.000
 Also Organic Ammonia 0.006
    Corresponding to Nitrogeneous matter about 0.06 grains per gallon  
The hardness of the Water in degrees of Clark's scale is:-
 Before boiling 2.2
 After 2.0
 This gives total hardness 2.2
 Temporary hardness 0.2
 Permanent 2.0

The purity and softness of the Water, and its abundance, present an opportunity for the development of many trades which cannot now be carried on, on account of the hardness and scarcity of the present supply.

It is intended to construct two Reservoirs - one for the service of the District, and the other for the purpose of providing compensation water to the Mill and Riparian owners down the stream.

These will be constructed to impound nearly 43 million gallons of water, and will provide a supply for nearly 140 days in times of excessive and continued drought.

The proposed Works will be capable, after providing for the necessary compensation water, of affording a continuous supply of over 200,000 gallons a day of saleable water, and, if a larger supply is required at any future time, this quantity may be increased, by a moderate outlay for additional storage room to over 700,000 gallons a day.

The scheme has been most favourably reported on by Mr. Henry John Marten, Civil Engineer, of 4 Storey's Gate, Westminster, called in on behalf of Mr. Walker's Trustees.

The estimated cost of the proposcd Works is 15,500.

The revenue to be derived from the undertaking has been calculated as follows:-

The North Eastern Railway Company have agreed to pay for a supply of the water to their Stations at Thirsk and Northallerton at a rate which will produce an annual revenue of about 530. The population of the District is about 5000, and, taking the rates usually charged by Water Companies for domestic use and manufacturing purposes, an annual revenue of 950 should ultimately be derived from the sale of Water exclusive of that supplied to the Railway Company; but for a year or two probably not more than one-third of this amount will be realized-viz., 317.

The total estimated revenue to be derived from these two sources will thus be about 847, which will, after payment of rent and working expenses, produce a net Dividend of 5 per cent. upon the estimated outlay, with a prospect of considerable increase as the resources of the Company become more fully developed.

Another source of revenue is anticipated from the Town of Northallerton, for the Company, having a main established at the Northallerton Station on the North-Eastern Railway, will be in a position to provide a supply to that town on terms that will evectually preclude any other Company competing with them, and a revenue equal to that of Thirsk and Sowerby (the population being about the same) will be readily obtainable.

The present supply at Northallerton is both deficient in quantity and of inferior quality.


Entered into by or on behalf of the Company.

Date.Nature of Contract.Parties.
1878. December 17thAgreement.The Reverend Frederick Johnstone and Walter Robinson, Esquire, of the one part, and John Horace Rhodes, Civil Engineer, of the other part.
Same date.DittoJohn Walker, Esquire, of the one part, and the said John Horace Rhodes of the other part.
1878. December 3rdDittoJohn Bumby of the one part, and the said John Horace Rhodes of the other part.
Same date.DittoThomas Robinson of the one part, and the said John Horace Rhodes of the other part.
1878. December 9thDittoDavid Bentley of the one part, and the said John Horace Rhodes of the other part.
1878. December 16thDittoJohn Fletcher of the one part, and the said John Horace Rhodes of the other part.
1878. December 17thDittoWilliam Lofthouse of the one part, and the said John Horace Rhodes of the other part.
Same date.DittoWilliam Brough of the one part, and the said John Horace Rhodes of the other part.

The annexed statements as to the Dividends paid by Water Companies, and the prices at which they have been bought up by Local Authorities, show what a profitable investment the Shares of Water Companies have been:-

Dividends paid by Water Companies.

Date.Name of Company.Date of Meeting.Dividend per centMeetings.
1877. February 9Margate Waterworks CompanyJanuary 305Half-yearly
,, 6York New Waterworks CompanyFebruary 18Annual
,, 6CambridgeJanuary 2610,,
,, 6Norwich,, 316,,
,, 6Broadstairs,, 306,,
,, 13FavershamFebruary 57,,
,, 20Aldershot,, 145,,
,, 20Whitby,, 79,,
March 6Canterbury,, 238,,
,, 6Sunderland and South Shields,, 215Half yearly
,, 6South Staffordshire,, 226Annual
,, 6Leicester Waterworks Company,, 195,,
,, 6Rochester and Chatham Waterworks Company,, 207,,
,, 6Chesterfield Waterworks Company,, 2810,,
,, 13Wisbeach,, 265,,
,, 20BristolMarch 3110,,
April 3Clitheroe,, 2310,,
,, 10FyldeApril 57,,
May 8Shoreham,, 285Half yearly
June 5Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks CompanyMay 306Annual
,, 5Beccles Water and Gas Company,, 285,,
,, 5Newark Waterworks Company,, 298,,
,, 26South Shields Waterworks CompanyJune 185,,
July 3Chelsea,, 286,,
,, 24Sevenoaks,, 1710,,
August 7Weardale and Shildon 4Half yearly
,, 7BroadstairsJuly 315Annual
,, 14ClevelandAugust 95Half yearly
,, 14Cambridge University and Town Waterworks,, 810Annual
,, 14York New Waterworks Company,, 25,,
,, 14Norwich,, 16,,
,, 14Grantham,, 38,,
September 4Chatham and Rochester,, 217,,
,, 4Taunton,, 225,,
,, 11Newport (Mon),, 274Half yearly
,, 11Derby,, 308Annual
,, 11South Staffordshire,, 306,,
,, 11Wrexham,, 226,,
,, 11PortsmouthSeptember 79,,
,, 25Bristol 10,,
,, 25Lewes,, 177,,
October 2East London 6,,

List of Water Companies which have been bought up by the Local Authorities:-

 Price paid.Original cost.
Low Moor, or North Brierley18,0009,000
Lincoln 720 Shares paying 10% fetched43,164-
  ,,    360 shares paying 7%   ,,15,514-
Over Darwen received 7% on their 2,500 Ordinary Shares--

The Thirsk District Water Company Limited.



To the Directors of the Thirsk District Water Company Limited,


Having paid to your Bankers the sum of __________ being a deposit of 10s. per Share on ______________ Shares of 5 each in the above Company, I hereby request you to allot me that number of Shares, and I agree to accept such Shares, or any less number you may allot me, subject to the provisions of the Articles of Associa- tion, and I hereby agree to pay the balance due thereon according to the terms of the Prospectus, and I request you to place my name on the Register of Members in respect of the Shares which may be allotted to me.

Signature ______________________________
Name in full ____________________________
Residence ______________________________
Profession or Business ____________________
Date ___________________________________

If no Allotment be made the Deposit will be returned without any deduction.

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