Poster opposing Thirsk Water Scheme

Bill poster opposing the Thirsk Water Scheme 11 inch by 8 inch

Thirsk Water Supply.

We are glad to see by the York Herald of the 14th.inst., that "VINCIT VERITAS" in his letter written on behalf of the Thirsk Water Co., admits that spring water is better for domestic use than surface water, but he cannot have read the evidence of the Company's witnesses, given before the Parliamentary Committee, who say that the 200.000 gallons required for daily consumption, are almost entirely surface water, and they estimate the springs to run only 20.000 to 30.000 gallons per day, which is a direct contradiction to "VINCIT VERITAS's" absurd assertion that the Company has sufficient & to spare of spring water for its domestic consumption, so the Boltby water will still remain a fourth quality water, or if filtered through sand a third quality water according to the Rivers Pollution Commissioners Classification.

"VINCIT VERITAS" writes sheer nonsense about Proffessor Symonds having fixed the rainfall, he could as easily fix and control the winds and tides, he might measure the rainfall, but not fix it, & he has not measured it, neither have the Engineers measured the outflow of the streams. So we maintain that we are justified in saying the scheme is based on speculative evidence.

Speaking of the Kepwick scheme "VINCIT VERITAS" asks the silly question, Whoever heard of an iron pipe being inserted into the mouth of a spring or springs to supply a population etc. etc.? Our answer is that this course has been strongly recommended by the very authority he quotes, viz;- the Rivers Pollution Commissioners, had he read their report he would have found that 36 Towns are supplied direct from springs including Lancaster and Ilkley, and it is proposed to bring the pure soft waters direct from Kepwick in the same manner.

The same authority "VINCIT VERITAS" has quoted says "Extended experience is leading more and more to the conclusion that the best & most wholesome water for the supply of towns is spring or deep well water. This is the case even if it, be hard, but a soft spring water is a prize not often within the reach of a town."

If Thirsk is really in want of water, the committee feel that the soft spring waters of Kepwick are a prize worthy of their best efforts to obtain.


Thirsk, June 17th, 1879.

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