Extract from York Daily Herald

An original reprint identified as an extract from the York Daily Herald May 2, 1879.


(Extracted from the York Daily Herald May 2, 1879)

We are informed that within the last few days an inspection has been made of the springs which feed the Old Gill, White Gill, and Mare Pits Becks, on Kepwich Moor, and these it is alleged will afford an ample supply of water of better quality than that to be derived from Boltby Moor, the source of supply selected by the company. The water from the latter place, we are told, is not only scanty in quantity, but is strongly impregated with organic impurity which imparts a peculiar flavour to the water, as shown by an analysis while on Kepwick Moor there are some 45 springs, some of them running a large volume of water. One bursting out of the hill-side immediately below the Lime Kiln House, has every appearanve of yielding as much as the whole of the stream the company proposes to impound. There are several other springs almost equal to this, and an analysis shows that they contain the very small amount of organic impurity of .10 against .84 contained in the water the company proposes to supply. An inspection of other springs on the north side of Kepwick Moor has also been made, the principal one being the spring head of the Old Gill Beck, which has been found to be running at the rate of 220,000 gallons per day, equal to supply a population of ever 13,000 inhabitants. This water is of very excellent quality for drinking, and soft enough for washing purposes. An elaborate and costly series of analyses has been made of the water both from Boltby Moor and Kepwick, and these will probably be referred to at a vestry meeting which is to be held tomorrow afternoon to consider the propriety of adopting a petition for Parliament against the Bill to confirm the Thirsk District Water Order.

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