Thirsk District Water Order

Petition to the

Sanitary authority of Thirsk Union

We, the ratepayers and inhabitants of the Market Place, Kirkgate, Finkle Street and Millgate being the most important business sections of this Town, containing as it does most of the heaviest ratepayers, do earnestly request you to vote for the Town's opposition to the Boltby water scheme.

A.C. BamlettKirkgate
Henry SmithKirkgate
William ColtmanKirkgate
Thomas Scottdo
S Cass & Sondo
Thomas Pickdo
H B Cloughdo
Robt Holydaydo
Thos Coltmando
John W HallMarket Place
A C MarrKirkgate
B PiggottKirkgate
John Smith FarmeryKirkgate
William Dale BatemanMarket Place
William HeardMarket Place
Thomas HillMarket Place
George AyreMarket Place
George WildMarket Place
A StapyltonMarket Place
J HopperFinkle Street
William LeightonFinkle Street
George HornerFinkle Street
W AllansonMarket Place
Robt LongMarket Place
Bartholemew SmithMarket Place
William FoggittThirsk
David PeatMarket Place
William HudsonMarket Place
G LancasterMarket Place
John LeeMarket Place
Wm JacksonCastlegate
Wm HideKirkgate
Mr J SadlerMarket Place
J G Baker & CoMarket Place
John RoseMarket Place
William Walter ScottMarket Place
William AyreMarket Place
James ToseMarket Place
William TruemanMarket Place
Thos CurryMarket Place Thirsk
Thos RutherfordMarket Place
John PenningtonMarket Place Thirsk
Edwin JohnsonMarket Place Thirsk
Geo WrightMarket Place Thirsk
George DaltonKirkgate
John FoxMarket Place
Robert JacquesPost Office Thirsk
William James HornerMarket Place Thirsk
Richard S PurdeyMarket Place Thirsk
Robert WardMarket Place Thirsk

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