Petition to the House of Commons opposing the scheme

Introduced by DYSON & CO, 24, Parliament Stree, Westminster, Parliamentary Agent and printed by Metchim & Son, 20, Parliament Street, Westminster, S.W.

In the House of Commons-Session 1879.


Petition against on Merits; Praying to be heard by Counsel, &c.

To the Honorable the Commons of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in
Parliament assembled.

The humble Petition of the undersigned
PARISH OF THIRSK, in the County
of York.


1. A Bill (hereinafter called " the Bill ") is now pending in your Honorable House, intituled " A Bill for confirming certain Provisional Orders made by the Board of Trade under ' The Gas ' and Waterworks Facilities Act, 1870 ' relating to Cleethorpes Gas, Dorchester Gas, Dronfield Gas, Eckington Gas, Enfield Gas, Havant Gas, Longridge Gas, Northfleet Gas, Wantage Gas, Wellingborough Gas, Dorking Water, Herts and Essex Water, Maidstone Water, Margate Water, Mexborough and District Water, Oystermouth Water, Rhyl District Water, Saint Albans Water, Shoreham and District Water, Stourbridge Water, Thirsk District Water, Aldershot Gas and Water, Ventnor Gas and Water and Ystrad Gas and Water."

2. The Bill seeks to confirm various Provisional Orders made by the Board of Trade under " The Gas and Waterworks Facilities Act, 1870," and among others " The Thirsk District Water Order, 1879."

3. Your Petitioners are Inhabitants, Owners, Lessses and Occupiers of property in the parish of Thirsk, and they are injuriously affected by the said Order and by the said Bill, so far as it relates thereto, and they object thereto for the reasons herein appearing among others.


4. The object of the said order is to empower the Thirsk District Water Company, Limited; (in the said - Order and in this Petition called " the Undertakers ") to supply with water the townships of Boltby and Feliskirk, in the parish of Feliskirk, and the townships of Thirsk, Sowerby and Carlton Miniott, in the parish of Thirsk in the North Riding of Yorkshire. The supply is proposed to be derived by impounding the waters of certain . streams in reservoirs to be constructed under the powers of the Order.

5. Your Petitioners object to the proposed scheme as being ill-calculated to afford an efficient supply of good water to the said Town and other places included within the limits of the Order, and because if sanctioned by Parliament they will be precluded from obtaining a supply of water for themselves, inasmuch as " The Public Health Act, 1875," does not permit them so to do when there is a statutory Company able and willing to supply water in the district, nor can they obtain a supply through another Company, inasmuch as it is contrary to the practice of Parliament to give powers to another Company when a statutory Water Company is established for the supply of the district.

6. Previous to the application for the said Order, the Promoters thereof stated to a meeting of your Petitioners that the undertakers would supply water at certain rates, and your Petitioners gave their consent to the application on the faith of this statement; but the rates proposed by the said Order are much higher than those stated to such meeting, and are, as your Petitioners submit, excessive, particularly on labourers' and other cottages.

7. Your Petitioners are advised also that the water is unsuitable by its extreme softness, and in other respects, for domestic use, and that no sufficient provisions are contained in the Order to insure efficient filtration nor to enforce a constant supply for consumers.

8. Your Petitioners are prepared to show that the storage capacity of the reservoirs is insufficient to secure to them a proper quantity of water in times of ordinary drought, and to provide the necessary amount of compensation water for other parties entitled thereto.

9. The object of the scheme as put forward by the Promoters in their Prospectus, and as your Petitioners are otherwise informed, appears to be mainly to supply the North Eastern Railway Company with water at their Thirsk and North Allerton Stations. The town of North Allerton is not withi the proposed limits of supply authorised by the Order, and the Promoters propose, by agreement with that Company, to lay a main from the Thirsk Station along that Railway to North Allerton, a distance of nearly eight miles. This


main will for its whole length be unprofitable, and the supply to the Company is, as your Petitioners are informed, intended to be be afforded at such a rate as cannot properly remunerate the Promoters who will consequently be compelled to charge to your Petitioners the high rates proposed in the said Order.

10. The Prospectus also puts forward, as an inducement to shareholders, the possibility of the Company supplying the Town of North Allerton with water, although this is not within their limits.

11. Your Petitioners are advised that the scheme is speculative, promoted with the intention of being sold, if possible, to the Local Authority, as is hinted at by the Prospectus of the Promoters.

12. Your Petitioners are also advised that the scheme is an injudicious one, and defective in various engineering details, and cannot be carried out for the amount - stated in the Estimate of Expense, and that a better and less costly source of supply might have been selected by resorting to the springs which supply the Old Gill, White Gill, Marl Pits and Bridge Becks, which would afford an ample supply of better water, available for not only the town of Thirsk but also for the town of North Allerton and other places along the route of the mains, and thus supply a district containing a population estimated at 11,800, instead of (as contemplated by the Order) a district containing only a population estimated at 5,500.

13. The Preamble of the said Bill, so far as it- relates to the said Order, cannot, nor can the said Order, be substantiated by evidence.


YOUR PETITIONERS therefore humbly pray your Honourable House that they may be heard; by their Counsel, Agents and Witnesses in support of the allegations of this Petition against the Preamble of the said Bill, so far as it relates to the said Order, and against the said Order and its confirmation, and against such of the Clauses and Provisions of the Bill as affect the rights and interests of your Petitioners, and in support of other Clauses and Provisions for their protection, apd that the said Bill may not pass into law as it now stands, and that your Petitioners may have such other relief in the premises as to your Honorable House may seem meet.

And 466 others.

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