Affidavit by Thomas Coltman

Hand drafted and signed T Coltman

Thomas Coltman, says I am a Draper residing at Thirsk and the owner of considerable house property and a large ratepayer and am the Church warden elected by the Parishoners. I attended the vestry meeting in October last when sanction was obtained by the Promoter for the Boltby scheme when Mr Swarbreck in reply to a question as to the rates to be charged stated that he had made enquiries from other towns of a similar size and found the price to be 2d per week for a house from 8 pound to 10 pound rental and this being a cheap scheme the rate would be no higher and I believe had this rate not been mentioned the vote of the vestry would not have been obtained. There is a very strong feeling in the town against the Boltby water; and should the order be confirmed I am of opinion that very few would take the water.

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