Affidavit by Reverend Camidge

Hand drafted and signed C E Camidge

Charles Edward Camidge, says I am vicar of Thirsk in the County and diocese of York. I have been Chairman of three vestry meetings and two public meetings relating to the water supply for the town of Thirsk. The first vestry meeting was the one at which the sanction of the vestry was obtained by the promoters.

The other meetings the feeling was decidedly against the Company and the same feeling which pervaded the meetings is general in the town. I have made several attempts to reconcile the opposing parties but without avail. I have always remained neutral and distinctly refused to sign any Petition with the exception of the Vestry Petition which as Chairman I was bound to sign. I should have not been here had I not been threatened with a speakers order, at the last public meeting held about three weeks ago at which all classes in the town were well represented nearly 350 being present and only 10 voted in favour of the Boltby Scheme the rest being against

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