Smith archives - Picture index

  1. Reddened photograph of a picture of a lady at a spinning wheel with a spaniel like dog. Labelled on the back in the writing of Frederic Smith:- Mrs Samuel Smith nee Anne Brady daughter of William Barrett of Arcadia, Jamaica Married June 1803 Samuel Smith DD born 20 September 1765 died 9th January 1841 and buried at Dry Drayton Co Cambridge. Perp -------------- 1765, Prebendary of Southwell 1800 and of York 1801. chaplain to the House of Commons 1802, Canon of Christ Church Oxford 1807 Rector (and Patron) of Dry Drayton 1808, Dean of Christchurch 1824 and by exchange, Canon of Durham 18XX Died 23 Feb 1826 and buried at ChristChurch Cathederal Oxford. Photograph is marked A Masell & Co.

  2. Photograph of Mrs F Fullerton Smith of Clifton - a lady in dark clothes with a dog. Includes a spacer marked William Smith 1930 including part of a rough drawing of a man. The frame is marked from Ventnor in the IOW.

  3. Two small photographs including a description in the hand of Frederic Smith. Henry Smith Esq of Thirsk born at Easton Mondial Northampton 9th April 1850, Died Thirsk 2nd September 1897. He was the second son of Rev Hy Smith of Redcar and Frances Bell his wife (nee Frances Bell Macbean) He was a solicitor practicing at Thirsk; was steward of the Thirsk Manor Courts for his brother Reginald Bell of Thirsk Hall and clerk of course and managing director of the Thirsk Race Meeting. Mrs Henry Smith nee Jane Lancaster born at Thirsk Feb 17th 1853. daughter of George and Jane Lancaster of Thirsk, Married Henry Smith at Thirsk Church August 10th 1876 died 26th September 1921 and buried Thirsk cemetry same grave.

  4. Old beard patent photograph - otherwise unknown.

  5. Large oval picture probably drawn from a photograph of another picture. Includes description in hand of Frederic Smith. Samuel Smith DD b-20th Sept 1765 d 9th Jan 1841 and buried at Dry Drayton married 1803 Anne Brady Barrett daughter of the Hon Wm Barrett of Arcadia, Jamaica.

    He was perp curate of Waverly 1795, Prebendary of Southwell 1800 and of York 1801 chaplain to the House of Commons 1802, Canon of Christchurch Oxford 1807 Rector (and patron) of Dry Drayton 1808 Dean of Christchurch Oxford 1824 and by exchange Canon of Golden Hall, Durham 1831. He was eldest son of Samuel Smith LLD b1731 died 23 March and buried in Westminster Abbey - he was headmaster of Westminster Schoool 1764 - 88 Prebendary of Westminster and Peterborough, rector and patron of Dry Drayton Co Cambridge.

  6. Coloured print of garden side of Thirsk Hall, the seat of Fredk Bell Esq. photo attributed to Thos Wm Appleton and published by O M Dydynski, Commercial Court, Briggate, Leeds. Also attributed G Greenwood, Leeds.