Letter Reverend Henry Smith to daughter Frances Elizabeth - 1897

Written in a shakey hand on folded plain off white notepaper. The living referred to is probably Scrayingham, near York where the Reverend Alleyne Fitzherbert became incumbent.

Ch.Ch is an abbreviation for Christ Church College at Oxford

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May 4. 1897

My dear Pussy,

I was very glad to have your letter. I hope that Alleyne will have the offer of the living as it seems to be such a nice place. If all is well we go to the Bowes for a month on May 20.

Sixty years ago today I went up to Ch.Ch from Westminster. Four of us were elected to Ch.Ch, & I am the only one left.

We started from Deans Yard in a barouche & four, & stopped on the way to see the race between Eton & Westminster, which was rowed at Datchet.

Westminster won. Much to the annoyance of the old King.. William the fourth, who viewed the race from the towing path. It was the last time he was out of doors - he died the 20 the following month.

We had great difficulty in getting post horses to take us on to Oxford, & I did not reach Town Gate before eleven. Fanny was at the Woods this morning & he asked for Alleyne's address. I hope you will let me know when you hear anything definate about the living.

All love yr affect Father

H. Smith