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This family history and local (Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England) information exists as a repository of information about part of my own family and those they associated with during their lifetimes. Some of the information not published elsewhere (and I'm only setting out to publish that which is not already widely available) may be of interest.

Many important figures are ignored, and some unimportant issues receive disproportionate attention. It isn't meant to be another history of Thirsk; rather an idiosyncratic collection of items that interested me from an individual perspective. Not all the comments are reverent. Particular scorn is reserved for some of my own ancestors. Hopefully, odd characters ignored by the histories of Thirsk will find a proper place here.

It isn't finished, nor could it ever be, but material does get added or corrected on occasion.

Corrections, further information, suggestions and comments to

Special effort has been taken to exclude information about living people - name apart.

James Nares (19 Apr 1715 - 10 Feb 1783)
Robert Nares (Ven.) (9 Jun 1753 - 23 Mar 1829)
Anna Katharina Noel (____ - BEF 2002)
Christian Pain (____ - ____)
Edward Pain (Rev) (____ - BEF 2002)
Joseph Charlton Parr (____ - BEF 2002)
Roger Charlton Parr (____ - BEF 2002)
Thomas Parr (____ - BEF 2002)
Payne (Sir) (____ - BEF 2002)
Ralph W F Payne-Gallwey Bart (Sir) (____ - BEF 2002)
William Payne-Gallwey Bart (Sir) (____ - 19 Dec 1881)
Richard Pearson (____ - BEF 2002)
David Peat (ABT 1833 - BEF 2002)
Edgar Brookwell Peat (____ - BEF 2002)
John Pennington (____ - BEF 2002)
Sarah Perrin (____ - 1795)
William Perrin (____ - BEF 2002)
Edmund Peters (____ - 1857)
William Peters (Reverend) (____ - BEF 2002)
John Pettingall (____ - BEF 2002)
Susanna Pettingall (17 Nov 1749 - 24 Mar 1792)
Thomas Pick (ABT 1828 - BEF 2002)
Robt. Beckett Piggott (ABT 1811 - BEF 2002)
Anne Pinckney (____ - BEF 2002)
Littleton Poyntz-Meynell (____ - BEF 2002)
Mary Poyntz-Meynell (1753 - ____)

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These pages are not likely to move from so you are welcome to link to them. Equally, if you have extensive information about one of the topics or family lines I would be pleased to link to your pages. If you only have a few names and birth or death dates I will seek to replicate the information here and refer to you as a source. I'm not setting out to add many more individuals to this website, but rather to hang the information contained in the original documents I hold around them.

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Comment December 2002

The information about the early Bells of Thirsk isn't quite there. I have copies of 4 fundamentally different family trees - hopefully some sense will be possible - any further information is very welcome.