Draft Obituary of Charles Oakley Sanders by Henry Smith

Charles Oakley Sanders Esq. the remains of this deceased gentleman were interred on Thursday the 11th at Bath deceased who for many years resided at Thirsk was the head of an old Norman family who were for many generations resident at at Sanderstead in the County of Kent in which neighbourhood they formerly held a considerable amount of property. Mr Sanders was formerly a Major in the Austrian Army and saw much active service in the South of Spain. Being severely wounded in one engagement he at one time held a distinguished military appointment at the Court of Vienna and was decorated with the distinguished Order of KGS and KF from the Austrian Government. The Major, for his second wife married in 1863 Jane the widow of Captain Baynton and second daughter of the late John Bell Esq of the Hall, Thirsk but there was no issue of this marriage and on the death of Frederic Bell Esq of the Hall, thirsk in 1875 Mrs Sanders became entitled a moiety of the Bell Estate in the North Riding and in the year following on the death of her sister Mrs MacBean, Mrs Sanders and Major Sanders removed from their former residence Ingram House, Thirsk to Thirsk Hall where they continued to reside untill the death of Mrs Sanders in 1879 when the Major removed to Bath where he has since resided although he still held a moiety of the Thirsk Estates which by his death go to Reginald Bell esq JP of the Hall, Thirsk

The Major, during his many years of residence in Thirsk was well known for his generous and charitable disposition and the poor of Thirsk will have lost in him a true friend. One of his last acts being to forward a cheque to Mr Simpson the workhouse master at Thirsk for his annual treat to the inmates. He was formerly one of the managers of the Thirsk National Schools in which he always took a very great interest.

The Major was in politics a Liberal until the last North Riding election where he sent all the way from Bath on purpose to vote for the Hon Guy C Dawnay in 1868 he was the Vice Chairman of Mr Harcourt Johnstone's (now Lord Derwent) Committee whom he proposed from the hustings in Thirsk Market Place.

The Major who was in his usual health up to Saturday the 30th December when he was suddenly taken ill and died the Saturday following in his 84th year.

He leaves three sons and two daughters by his first marriage to mourn his loss viz Major Howard Sanders of the Austrian Army. Edward Sanders Government Judge and Magistrate in British Columbia Gilbert H Sanders Captain in the British Army who lost his leg in the Crimean war the daughters now being the wife of Rev George Attwood and Edward Barnett Esq