Thirsk Falcon Masonic Lodge No 1416; 1872 - 1910

An astonishingly indulgent piece of vanity publishing on the part of Mr Charlesworth, but this slim blue volume nevertheless provides pictures of several prominent Thirsk residents and dates when they were in the town. I'm not a mason and provide the information without further comment in that respect.

This copy belonged to Frederic Smith.

in 1910,


The Officers and Brethren
of the
Falcon Lodge, as a
personal tribute of thanks for
kindness and encouragement
during some years of
Masonic intercourse,
I fraternally dedicate these Records.


I am greatly indebted to the following Brethren, who have assisted me in many ways in the compilation of this history :-

  W. Bro. E. FOX-THOMAS.
W. Bro. F. R. HANSELL.
W. Bro. J. R. FRENCH.
W. Bro. H. W. WOODALL.
W. Bro. Rev. G. H. CHILMAN, M.A.

and to them I tender my best thanks for their valued services. I further take this opportunity of saying that my connection with the above and indeed the whole of the Brethren of Falcon Lodge will be associated with some of the happiest moments of my life.

In conclusion I beg to express the hope that the Lodge will continue its career of prosperity. May the Falcon, from its vantage position on the Bell, watch over the destinies of the Lodge. As the Falcon was among the swiftest, and in its day the favourite of the chase, so may the Brethren of to-day be swift to do any noble work. May the Masonic Hall be associated with all that is noblest and best in the principles we profess to admire and have promised to imitate.

Edwin Charlesworth

Croft Villa, Gomersal,
December, 1910.



It is somewhat supererogatory to add a few notes on Thirsk and its neighbourhood, when the brethren are familiar with E. Bogg's "Vale of Mowbray" and with the "Falcon Magazine," and probably with the authorities behind them. Where these latter differ, what shall be said? Some make the word "Thirsk" mean "Thor's Ash Tree," others derive it from "Tre-usk" (or esk) "the town by the stream." The old pronunciation "Thrusk" may still be heard occasionally. The name is spelt in Domesday Book "Thesche." The derivation "cod" from a Celtic word "coed" meaning "wood," as we have it in Cotswold and Bettws-y-coed, agrees well with the Codbeck's woody banks, though "cod" as a shortened form of "cold" has its supporters. E. Bogg on p. 176 in the 1906 illustrated edition of his "Vale of Mowbray" has a fine note on the name of the fish-pond near the Church and the Hall. He would have the word "marage" as signifying a a tenanted fish or duck preserve to be as common once upon a time as "messuage" is to-day for a dwelling-house. He derives it through the Norse dialect from Latin "mare" and the old French suffix "age." Thirsk's great glory and the pride of the whole Vale of Mowbray is the Parish Church dating as it now stands from the 14th century, dedicated to S. Mary. Tradition has it that the stones of the old Castle of the Mowbray's went towards the building of the Church at an earlier period. King Henry II, in 1174 (the very year of his doing penance at Becket's tomb), ordered the destruction of Thirsk Castle, with many others, because Roger de Mowbray had joined the revolt against him. This same Earl Roger, 36 years before, had led a considerable force from Thirsk to Cowton Moor - the "Battle of the Standard," 1138. Here, too, fought Sir Walter L' Espec, the founder of Kirkham Abbey, 1121 (he died there 1153), and of Rievaulx Abbey, 1131. Melrose Abbey - the first Cistercian house in Scotland-was a


branch from Rievaulx. Roger de Mowbray founded Byland Abbey and Newburgh Priory, 1145. He made two journeys to the Holy Land to fight for the Cross, and it is interesting to note that, after being taken prisoner there, he was redeemed by the "Knights Templar." He ended his days at Byland Abbey. At Byland, in 1318, as at Bannockburn, 1314, and at Myton Meadows, 1319, the Scots, under Bruce, were victorious. In one of its degrees Masonry still keeps green the memory of Robert Bruce. About this time, 1322, we have the Battle of Boroughbridge. Mount Grace Priory, 11 miles north of Thirsk, a noble Carthusian ruin, was founded in 1396 by Thomas de Holland, Earl of Kent, and Lord Wake. Some 4 miles N.E. of Thirsk, stood Upsall Castle "the Hall on the Hill" (Scandinavian) for two hundred years the principal residence of the Lords Scrope of Masham and Bolton. The strange lime- stone font, the gift of Thomas, sixth Lord Scrope (died 1494), was brought from Upsall to South Kilvington Church. We have a descendant of the Scropes in our Right Worshipful Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Lord Bolton, Some 3 miles E.N.E. from Thirsk is Mount S. John, where as the name still shows, the Knights Templar established a preceptory. William Percy, of Kildale, the third Baron in the time of Henry I, gave them land round Felixkirk to the amount of five knights' fees (vide the "Falcon." volume 1, page 194), and, on page 197, Robert de Ros, Lord of Helmsley, is also named as a considerable donor. Topcliffe, 4 miles S.W. of Thirsk is full of historical interest. A Roman and a British camp can be traced at the junction of the Codbeck and the Swale. The Percys had a castle here, and history tells us the fourth Earl was stormed in his castle and cruelly done to death. A wonderful account is on record of his funeral procession from Topcliffe to Beverley Minster where the magnificent "Percy" shrine was erected to his memory. At Topcliffe King James I stopped a night, in 1603, when he came to take possession of the English crown. Here too, it is said, the Scots on May 11th, 1646, sold King Charles I to the English Parliament.



To the Officers and Brethren of Falcon Lodge2
Appreciation and Thanks for Assistance Given3
What a Freemason should be8
Copy of Warrant12
List of Members with date of Initiation or Joining54
List of Installing Masters57
List of Members in 1910, including Honorary Members58
Review of By-laws60
Roll of Honour-List of Worshipful Masters of Falcon Lodge, Present and Past62
Charity Representatives and Lodge Votes64
The Level and Square66
Installation of W .M., 191069
Ornithological Museum76



View of Building in Kirkgate-where Falcon Lodge first met6
Falcon Lodge Banner9
The late Bro. F. Bell (Founder)11
Bro. A. C. Bamlett13
Bro. G. W. Ayre15
The late Bro. J. T. Wilkinson17
The late Bro. W. Hall21
The late Bro. T. Whytehead23
New Masonic Hall27
Falcon Lodge Room29
Bro. Major R. Bell31
Bro. Z. Wright35
Bro. the Right Revd. C. E. Camidge, Lord Bishop of Bathhurst, N.S.W37
Bro. Dr. Longford39
Bro. J. T. Hansell41
Bro. F. R. Hansell43
Bro. W. W. Hall45
Bro. J. R. French47
Bro. John J. Penty49
Bro. Harry Wade Woodall51
Bro. R. Wintersgill53
Worshipful Master, 1910 (Bro. E. Charlesworth)59
Senior Warden, 1910 (Bro. J. Rymer)61
Junior Warden, 1910 (Bro. S. Hale)63
Bro. J. S. Farmery, Tyler65
Falcon Lodge W.M. Collar67
Group of Old Friends68


A Freemason should be a virtuous, brave, honest, intelligent, benevolent, charitable man - a lover of the arts and sciences-with a belief in God and a hope of immortality; a good citizen, a providing husband, a kind father, a true friend of enlightened progress; a lover of law, a preserver of order; a promoter of harmony; a protector of virtue, ever willing to help the defenceless widow and orphan; and should be temperate, controlling his passions and subduing all inordinate desire to conform to the world, the flesh, and the devil - with all these safeguards in mind, he may live respected and die regretted, with a good, true, and noble character as a monument of his moral worth and integrity that should distinguish every Freemason and enable him to enter the sanctum sanctorum of our Divine Master, clothed in royal robes of righteousness, wielding the golden sceptre of his love and mercy, and wearing his jewelled crown of his many virtues.


FALCON LODGE BANNER. Presented 12th Nov., 1903, by Bro. GEO. ANDERSON, P.M., (Founder).


Falcon Lodge, No. 1416.

CHRONOLOGICAL LIST of the more important events in its history, including the names of the whole of the Brethren, with the date of the initiation or joining, from the Constitution of the Lodge up to the present time.

December, 1910 By Bro. EDWIN CHARLESWORTH.

The date of the petition for the Warrant does not appear, but the following were the petitioners:-

FREDERICK BELLAnchor Lodge, No. 1337.
RICHARD DAVIS CARTERRestoration Lodge, No. 111.
WILLIAM ADAMS BOURNEAnchor Lodge, No. 1337.
GEORGE ANDERSONLion Lodge, No. 312.
WILLIAM HALLCamalodunam Lodge, No. 660.
JOHN RHODESOld Globe Lodge, No. 200.
WILLIAM FENTIMAN SMITHSONHarrogate and Claro Lodge, No. 1001.

The Charter was granted on the 27th July, 1872, by the Grand Master, the Earl of Ripon, and bears the signature of the Deputy Grand Master, the Earl of Carnarvon.

The Lodge was duly constituted on the 17th October, 1872, when premises in Kirkgate were dedicated to the purposes of Freemasonry by Bro. George Marwood, P. Dep. P.G.M.

Bro. FREDERICK BELL was installed First Worshipful Master.




The late Bro. FREDERICK BELL, P.P.G.S.W.
Founder and first Worshipful Master of Falcon Lodge.




To all and every our Right Worshipful, Worshipful and Loving Brethren, We, GEORGE FREDERICK SAMUEL, MARQUIS OF RIPON, EARL DE GREY AND EARL OF RIPON, VISCOUNT GODERICH Of Nocton, In the County of Lincoln, BARON GRANTHAM of Grantham in that County, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, &c., &c., GRAND MASTER of the Most Ancient and Honourable Fraternity Of FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS OF ENGLAND, send Greeting.

Know ne, that We, by the authority and under the sanction of the United Grand Lodge of England, vested in us for that purpose and at the humble petition of our right trusty and well beloved brethren, Frederick Bell, Richard Davis Carter, Adam Carlisle Bamlett, William Adam Bourne, George Anderson, William Hall, Nicholas Caesar Corsellis Lawton, and others, Do hereby constitute the said Brethren into a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons under the title or denomination of the FALCON LODGE, NO. 1416.


First Junior Warden and Second Worshipful Master.
The only surviving Founder subscribing to the Lodge.
Worshipful Master in 1874 and 1893.


The said Lodge to meet at the Lodge Room, Kirkgate, Thirsk, in the County of York, on the second Wednesday of every month, empowering them in the said Lodge when duly congregated to make, pass and raise Free Masons according to the Ancient Custom of the Craft in all ages and nations through- out the known world.

And further at their said petition, and of the great trust and confidence reposed in every of the above-named Brethren, We do appoint the said Frederick Bell to be the first Master, the said Richard Davis Carter to be the first Senior Warden, and the said Adam Carlisle Bamlett to be the first Junior Warden for opening and holding the said Lodge and until such time as another Master shall be regularly elected and installed, strictly charging that every Member who shall be elected to preside over the said Lodge, and who must previously have duly served as Warden in a Warranted Lodge, shall be installed in ancient form and according to the Laws of the Grand Lodge, that he may thereby be fully invested with the dignities and powers of his office.

And we do require you, the said Frederick Bell to take special care that all and every the said Brethren are or have been regularly made Masons, and that you and they and all other the Members of the said Lodge do observe, perform, and keep the laws, rules and orders contained in the Book of Constitutions, and all others which may from time to time be made by our Grand Lodge, or transmitted by us or our successors, Grand Masters, or by our Deputy Grand Master for the time being.


Worshipful Master, 1877.
(Honorary Member).


And We do enjoin you to make such By- Laws for the Government of your Lodge as shall to the majority of the Members appear proper and necessary, the same not being contrary to or inconsistent with the general laws and regulations of the Craft, a copy whereof you are to transmit to us.

And We do require you to cause all such By-Laws and Regulations, and also an account of the proceedings in your Lodge, to be entered in a book kept for that purpose. And you are in no wise to omit to send to us, or our successors, Grand Masters, or to our Deputy Grand Master for the time being, at least once in every year, a list of the Members of your Lodge, and the names and descriptions of all Masons initiated therein, and Brethren who shall have joined the same, with the fees and monies payable thereon.

At being our will and intention that this our WARRANT OF CONSTITUTION shall continue in force so long only as you shall conform to the Laws and Regulations of our Grand Lodge.

And you the said Frederick Bell, are further required, as soon as conveniently may be, to send us an account in writing of what shall be done by virtue of these presents.

Given under our hands and the Seal of the Grand Lodge, at London, this 27th July, A.L. 5872, A.D. 1872.

By command of the M.W. Grand Master,




The late Bro. T. J. WILKINSON, P.M.
Worshipful Master, 1878.


13th Nov., 1872."Resolved that a charge of 6d. per glass be made at refreshment time; initiates and visitors free."
24th Feb., 1873."Lodge of Instruction" to be held on the first Thursday in every month.

Donation from Lodge funds to Central Charities.
12th March.Decease of Bro. Wm. Fisher. Vote of condolence.
26th March.Discussion-New Lodge rooms.
14th May.Decease of the Earl of Zetland, Prov. Grand Master, recorded.

The ancient custom of occasionally "Calling on" and "Calling off" was more frequently observed at this period than it is to-day.

The W.M. having kindly offered-

"To lease for a term of ninety-nine years, renewable with the consent of both parties, a site in the Castleyard, ad joining the road, for the purpose of erecting a Lodge thereon" instead of building a Lodge at the rear of the house in Kirkgate, but as the proposal could not be carried out, the W. M. afterwards consented to sell the site absolutely, and in consideration the Lodge contracted to sell the dwelling-house and premises occupied by Mr. Oram, and which had been conveyed to Bro. Frederick Bell, W.M., Bros. John Rhodes, Carter, Bamlett, Bourne, Hall and Anderson as Trustees of the Lodge.


It was agreed that the price to be paid should be 410, the amount the Trustees purchased it for, but in addition the W.M. promised to recoup the Lodge all expenses incurred by them in relation to the dwelling-house since it came into their possession, and which has been estimated to amount to the sum of 50, making the total purchase money 460.

It is proposed, out of the 460, to pay 50 on the price of the land.

The surviving Trustees are requested on payment of 460, to convey the Kirkgate property to the W.M., or to whom he may appoint.

9th July, 1873.Harmonium presented to the Lodge by Bro. Cooper, of London.
18th JulyDecease of Bro. Carter, S.W., recorded.

Dispensation for a Masonic funeral.
13th August.Dispensation to wear Masonic clothing at the Foundation Stone Laying of New Lodge on the 4th day of September, 1873.
18th Aug, 1873.Special Meeting. Arrangements for Stone Laying. Invitation to all Lodges in the Province.
1st Sept.A Mallet to be provided by the Builder, and arrangements made for platform for Ladies to witness Ceremony of Laying Foundation Stone. The following to be placed in a bottle under the stone:-


  A Florin, Shilling, Sixpence, and Three- penny piece ; The Ripon, Richmond and Thirsk Chronicle, Northern Echo, York Herald, Yorkshire Gazette, Leeds Mercury, and Yorkshire Post.

WAYS AND MEANS. The following became guar- antee for the security required, liability limited to 25 each :- Bros. F. Bell, Guilding, Bourne, Wilkinson, Harker, Coltman, Hall, Ayre, Walton, Greensides, Anderson, Musgrave, Lawton, Cooper, Milburn, Bamlett and Rhodes.

Balance not to exceed 300 guaranteed by Bro. F. Bell.

A Silk Banner to be provided.

Several meetings of the Lodge Committee were held about this time, but no minutes were recorded.

Some objection having been expressed by Bro. Bamlett as to the building not being built according to Masonic Art, it was proposed that the opinions of Bro. J. P. Bell, P. Grand Deacon of England, and Bro. Marwood, P. Dep. P.G.M. be obtained as to whether the present plans are in Masonic order or not, and if the plans can or should be altered.
3rd Sept.The Treasurer to deposit one sovereign on the Foundation Stone to be taken up by Mr. Jackson for the refreshments of the workmen.


The late Bro. WILLIAM HALL, P.M.
Founder. Worshipful Master in 1880.


4th Sept., 1873.The procession goes from the Fleece Hotel by way of Westgate, to the site of the New Masonic Hall, and returns by the way of the old Lodge Room.


"The Freemasons of Thirsk and surrounding district assem- bled in large numbers to take part in the laying of the foundation of the New Masonic Hall, in that ancient town on Thursday. The edifice for which Mr. W. A. Bourne is the architect, will probably cost in its erection 800, and the dimensions of the Lodge Room are specified to be " 34 feet by 17 by 17," a mysterious expression known to Free and Accepted Masons as the "Cube," and there- fore, no doubt, architecturally correct. The ceremony was conducted with the full forms and rites of the Craft, and was an impressive one throughout, The Ladies were accommodated upon a raised platform, specially provided for their comfort, and their presence lent additional charm to the scene.

At half past eleven, the Brethren, who included several mem- bers from York, to whom a general invitation had been sent, assembled in their Lodge Room in Kirkgate, where the Lodge was opened in the first degree. A procession was then formed which moved to the site of the proposed Hall in the Castle Yard, closely adjoining the town, accompanied by Hoggett's Band from Darlington. The procession was preceded and followed by a small body of police, and the Brethren advanced in the following order :-

Tyler with drawn sword.
Brethren of Lodges in the province.
Brethren of Lodges outside the province.
Brethren of the Falcon Lodge, No. 1416.
Builder with plate bearing the inscription.
Architect with plans.
Inner Guard with drawn sword.
Two Stewards with wands.
Treasurer with coins, etc., to be deposited.
Senior Deacon.


The late Bro. T. B. WHYTEHEAD.
Past Grand Sword Bearer (Eng.)

Who on twenty-one occasions installed the Worshipful Master of the Falcons. He was a true friend to the Lodge, and very rarely missed one single occasion through all these years of making some useful present to the Lodge.

He was greatly esteemed by all who knew him.


Secretary with book of constitutions.
Junior Deacon.
Corn, Oil and Wine, borne by Three Past Masters.
Past Masters.
The Corinthian Light.
Junior Warden with Plumb rule.
The Doric Light.
Senior Warden with level.
The Chaplain with Bible, Square and Compasses on a cushion.
The Ionic Light.
The Trowel.   The Gavel.
W.M. of the Falcon Lodge, with the Square.
The Banner
Provincial Grand Officers, Present and Past.
Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.
W. Bro. J. P. Bell, Esq., M.D.
Two Stewards with wands.
Provincial Grand Tyler.

On arriving at the site, the Brethren divided to the right and left, facing inwards, leaving an avenue for Bro. Dr. Bell, who was honoured with the commission to lay the stone. Dr. Bell was preceded by the P. G. Sword Bearer, and followed by the other acting Officers, who passed to the foundation stone, around which the other Brethren formed a circle.

The officiating Brethren having formed themselves into four sides, representing the Cardinal Points, Dr. Bell delivered the ancient opening address, customary on such occasions. The Psalm was then chanted, expressive of "the power of the Lord alone to build His house, which will endure," and containing other references adopted by the Craft, a bottle containing amongst other things, several coins of the realm, having been deposited in the cavity of the stone prepared for the purpose by the Treasurer.

The Secretary read aloud the inscription on the plate, which in the ordinary way notified the creation of the structure with the dates, and which was then affixed in its place by an operative mason.


Bro. Dr. Bell received the trowel from the W.M. and adjusted the cement on the lower stone, the upper stone was slowly lowered to its place; the band played "Rule Britannia." At this point the spectacle was powerful and expressive, and appeared to touch Masons and spectators with almost equal force. Various other forms were gone through, such as proving the just position of the stone, a function which was performed by Bro. Dr. Bell, proving the correctness of position and applying the square. Dr. Bell then gave the stone three taps and declared it to be properly laid according to the ancient rules of architecture; oil and wine were next sprinkled over the stone which was the subject of these elaborate ceremonials, after which the chaplain Offered up a concluding prayer. The Band again played and the plans of the building having been handed to Dr. Bell by the architect, an address was given by the latter gentleman, and the whole of the imposing proceedings finished with the singing of a Masonic version of the National Anthem which sufficiently evinced the loyalty of the Brethren. The procession departed in the reverse order in which it had come to the ground, and the Brethren subsequently dined at the Fleece Hotel. We may mention that Bro. Ward, of York, had the distinction of acting as Director of Ceremonies on this memorable occasion."

Twenty-seven Representatives from various Lodges in the province were present.

15th Sept., 1873.Special Meeting held at Bro. Harker's to consider the plans which were amended.

Several Special Meetings were held in September of this war, owing to the difference of opinion held by the Brethren as to the details in the building of their Masonic Hall.

29th Sept.Revised plans of the New Masonic Hall approved.


12th Nov.Letter to the Architect (Bro. W. A. Bourne).


We, the Worshipful Master and Wardens of the Falcon Lodge, hereby instruct you to order the contractors to proceed forthwith with the building of our New Masonic Hall, according to the amended plans, and inform them that alterations will be dealt with in accordance with the printed conditions of their contracts.


10th Dec.Bond for 800 approved.
11th Feb., 1874.EXTRACT FROM PRESS.

On Wednesday evening a Masonic Banquet was given at Thirsk Hall, by Bro. F. Bell, P.G.S.W., W. Master, to the Mem- bers of Falcon Lodge and Brethren who have assisted in the working of the Lodge since its formation. The Brethren met in their Lodge room, in Kirkgate, and from thence proceeded to the Hall. There were twenty-one Members of the Falcon Lodge present, besides a number of Brethren from the neighbouring Lodges, amongst whom were Bros Farmer, Bailey, Chadwick and Boulton, from the Restoration Lodge, Darlington; Bros. Palliser, Wilkinson, C. Waistel and W. Waistel, from the Anchor Lodge, Northallerton; Bro. Evans, from the Marquis of Ripon Lodge; and Bro. Moss from the Lion Lodge, Whitby. During the evening the usual toasts were proposed and drunk.

The New Masonic Hall which is fast approaching completion is expected to be opened in April or the early part of May.

Several Meetings were held in February, in order to alter some parts of the new building, the members taking the greatest interest in the erection of their Lodge room.


For God said: "In Strength will I establish this Mine House - to stand firm for ever."



20th Apl., 1874.Present of Firing Glasses by Bro. Duncombe.
13th May.Present of Firing Glasses by Bro. T. J. Wilkinson.

Hearty good wishes to Bro. Guilding, M.A., who was leaving Thirsk for Reading.
10th June."About this period the attention of the Brethren was given to the purchase of various fittings, furniture, etc., etc."
8th July.Memorandum of Trust Deed.
20th Aug.Gift of Fire Range for banquet room, by Bro. Bamlett, S.W.
14th Oct.Fees raised from six to eight guineas.

Subscriptions to be two guineas for resident mem- bers, and one guinea for non-resident members.

Presentation by Secretary for Mrs. George Ayre, of Banner for Lodge Room.
19th Oct.Masonic Music for various degrees, presented by Bro. Walton.
23rd Oct.Cocoanut Matting to cover banquet room floor, presented by Bro. F. Bell.

Bros. W. Hall, Anderson and R. Musgrave gave 5 each towards the purchase of suitable chairs for new Hall.

The Tyler was presented with 5 by Bro. F. Bell, as a token of esteem and for attention displayed to the Lodge.
29th Oct.Contractors' accounts for the new building passed for payment.
11th Nov.


by Bro. Marwood, P. Dep. P.G.M.
Installation of Officers.

Presentation of handsome Jewel to Bro. F. Bell, on his retiring from the Chair, as a mark of esteem from the Brethren.

9th Dec.Presentation of handsome Obligation Desk, by Bro. John Harker.

Presentation of new Bronze Fender and Fire Irons, by Bro. Masterman.

The Treasurer reported the entire cost of New Building would be under 700
12th Jan. 1875.Sudden death of Bro. F. Bell, I.P.M.




13th Jan. 1875.Resolved - "That we, the Members of the Falcon Lodge, No. 1416, in open Lodge assembled have heard with the greatest regret and deepest sorrow of the painfully sudden death of our most Worthy and Worshipful Past Master, Frederick Bell, Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden, who, in the inscrutable wisdom of the Great Architect of the Universe, has been so suddenly called from amongst us, and we, remembering his many good and noble qualities, and the great service he has rendered to Freemasonry in founding the Falcon Lodge, together with his uniform kindness and urbanity to all the Brethren, beg to offer our sincere and heartfelt condolence to Mrs. Macbean and all the other Members of the late Bro. Bell's family under their sad and most distressing bereavement."

To the Editor of York Herald.

SIR - As your columns have so recently reported the circum- stances of the death and interment of our greatly esteemed and universally respected townsman, Mr. Bell, I need only refer to them as they serve to introduce the object of this letter. His public spirit in promoting everything which appeared likely to conduce to the benefit of the town, as well as his numerous unostentatious acts of private benevolence, demand some public acknowledge- ment, and in my opinion it should be of so permanent a character as to perpetuate his name in connection with the town, the interests of which he had so warmly at heart. I would ask through the medium of your paper whether this would not be suitably done if an eligible site was procured in the centre of the Market Place, and a handsome Hall to be called "The Bell Memorial Hall," erected by public subscription. Such a building could be made an architectural ornament to the town; it would supply a want universally acknowledged, and as all parties without distinction could join in the project, it would be the most appropriate form in which we could express our estimate of the worth of our departed Squire.

Signed, FALCON.

Thirsk, 25th January, 1875.


Worshipful Master 1882.
Lord of the Manor of Thirsk



29th Jan., 1875.A special meeting was called " to consider what steps, if any, should be taken by the Brethren of Falcon Lodge, in furtherance of the suggestion for the erection of a Bell Memorial Hall." (This meeting was the outcome of the letter in the York Herald).

Bros. Bamlett, Rhodes, Hall, Duncombe and Wilkinson, were requested to wait upon influential townsmen and consult with them on the desirability of taking steps for securing a Public Hall, and providing a permanent memorial to the late Frederick Bell, Esq.

In the obituary notice which appeared in the press of that date we find :-

"Heartfelt sympathy was felt by all the in- habitants of Thirsk and district; for the late Past Master was deservedly popular; no good work or deserving object failed to receive his sympathy and most practical support, etc."

Thus passed away our first Master of Falcon Lodge, a great pillar of strength, advice and generosity. His House will always be associated with the Lodge; his very Name is on our Banner, and our walls are covered with remembrances of his kindness; and whilst those outside the Lodge membership will love to remember him as Squire Bell, the Lord of the Manor, we shall remember him as Brother Bell, the greatest friend Falcon Lodge ever had. We deposited our sprigs of acacia on his grave and left him-

"Till the morning breaks,
And the shadows flee away."

10th March.Lodge of Sorrow (late Bro. Bell) - special ceremonial.

"To live in the hearts of those you leave
behind, is not to die."

8th April.Decease of Bro. W. A. Bourne. - So shortly after our esteemed Past Master - just a brief space - the Architect of the new Masonic Hall is called to join the Greater Architect above.
14th April.Bro. J. S. Walton elected an Hon. Member.


3rd June, 1875.Day Excursion-Bolton Woods.
14th July.Appointment of John Smith Farmery, as Tyler, Bro. Bamlett, W.M. and Bro. Ayre become Life Subscribers of the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys.

The Master's Chair endowed with one vote in the Boys' and two votes in the Girls' Schools.
13th Sept.Bond of 800 called in.
21st Sept.Date of Installations altered to the month of December.
30th Sept.New Bond for 650 agreed to.
4th Nov.Decease of Bro. W. G. Irving recorded.
12th Nov.Decease of Bro. Milburn recorded.
30th Dec.Resolved that Present Officers fifteen minutes late at meetings be fined one shilling.
9th Feb 1876Decease of Bro. Robert Barley (19th Jan) recorded.
8th March.Presentation of a prepared Falcon, by Bro. Reginald Smith.
12th April.Lodge night altered to Thursdays.
12th Oct.Resolved that Bro. Marwood, P.Dep., P.G.M. be elected an Hon. Member.

Archaeological Section attached to the Lodge approved.
8th Mar, 1877Deputation appointed to meet Anchor Lodge, with the view of forming a Royal Arch Chapter.

It was reported that the Lodge had secured the election of Arthur Richard Bourne, son of the late Bro. Bourne, Architect for the New Masonic Hall, into the Royal Masonic Institu- tion for Boys, he having polled 1,490 votes.

The following letter was read from the grateful mother:-


Allow me to tender you my sincere and heartfelt thanks for your great kindness and unwearied efforts in obtaining my boy's election into the Masonic School. It is, as doubtless most of you are aware, a matter of the utmost importance to me to have Ihe expense of my children's education taken off my hands, and in the case of my son Arthur, you have done this effectually. I shall forever class Freemason's amongst my best friends, and especially the members of Falcon Lodge.

I remain,

Sincerely and gratefully yours,


Grand Lodge Report, calling attention to the action of the of the Grand Orient of France, and warning the Brethren to be careful whom they admitted as visitors from Foreign Lodges unless:

  1st. - He is duly youched for, or unless his Certificate shows that he has been initiated according to the ancient rites and ceremonies in a Lodge professing belief in T.G.A.O.T.U , and

2nd. - Not unless he himself shall acknowledge that this belief is an essential land-mark of the Order.
9th Aug., 1877.Dispensation to wear Masonic clothing at the re- opening of the Parish Church.
2nd Oct.Gift of Alms Dish for the Use of the Church, from the Brethren of Falcon Lodge
14th Feb., 1878.Paper on Freemasonry by Bro. Wilkinson, S.W
21st Mar.Decease of Bro. Thos. Foreman recorded,
20th June,Annual Picnic - Bolton Woods.
21st Feb., 1879.Decease of Bro. Harker recorded.
14th Aug.Decease of Bro. Thos. Cooper recorded.
12th Feb., 1880.Present by Bro. Long of a Gavel, made of old oak, from Smithfield Market.

Lodge Donation of. 4 to R.M. Benevolent Inst.

About this date there appeared to be a great deal of trouble about the Lodge garden. It was discussed at several meetings and was eventually settled satisfactorily.
8th April.Bro. T. B. Whytehead elected Hon. Member.

Decease of Bro. John Harrison recorded.

Subscription from Lodge sent to widow.
13th May.Gift of Books by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.
2nd June.Visit of York College Rosicrucian Society. The Falcon Lodge Room placed at their disposal.
14th Oct.Decease of Bro. W. Ayre recorded.


Worshipful Master in 1885 and 1900.


Response to an appeal to clear off the debt on the Lodge Building Account.

  s. d.
Bro. R. Bell50 0 0
,, G. C. L. Kipling25 0 0
,, W. Hall25 0 0
,, A. C. Bamlett25 0 0
,, C. Elsley20 0 0
,, H. Masterman15 0 0
,, W. Coltman15 0 0
,, T. J. Wilkinson15 0 0
,, G. Anderson15 0 0
,, G. Ayre15 0 0
,, J. Rhodes15 0 0
,, W. Ayre10 10 0
,, L. J. Thompson10 0 0
,, R. Musgrave10 0 0
,, J. Johnson10 0 0
,, H. Smith10 0 0
,, C. Greensides10 0 0
Bro. Rev. C. E. Camidge10 0 0
Bro. R. Atkinson10 0 0
,, H. Longford10 0 0
,, R. Hartley10 0 0
,, Z. Wright10 0 0
,, A. W. Cass10 0 0
,, R. Long10 0 0
,, A. G. Duncombe25 0 0
 390 10 0

9th Mar., 1882.Vote of 5 Guineas to R. M. Inst. for Girls.
13th April.Decease of F. Dep. G. Master Bro. George Marwood recorded.
8th Mar., 1883.Decease of Bro. James Johnson recorded
8th Nov.Vote of 5 Guineas to the R. M. Inst. for Girls, towards completing the amount to endow the Senior Warden's chair with one vote.
13th Mar.,1884Bro. Lukis elected Hon Member.
10th April.Decease of H.R.H. the Duke of Albany recorded.
9th Oct.Portrait of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Zetland, Prov. Grand Master, presented to the Lodge by Bro. Geo. Ayre.
11th Dec.Gift of Books by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.
12th Feb.,1885.VALUABLE GIFT.

Bro. R. Bell presented to his Lodge the Ornitho- logical Museum formed by Mr. John Bell and added to, by the late Past Master, Frederick Bell, the original promoter, one of the Founders and the first Master of this Lodge. The birds are enclosed in 196 cases and have been prepared and arranged by Mr. Robt. Lee, a skilled local taxidermist, and mounted on the walls of the banquetting room and staircase in an effective manner by Bro. J. S. Coulson; most of the birds have been secured in the neighbourhood and the date and place of capture are in many cases recorded. There are also a few cases of wild animals and some of foreign birds.

This collection is insured for 500.


Lord Bishop of Bathhurst, N.S.W.

(Honorary Member).


11th Mar., 1886.Visit to Eboracum Lodge, York.
23rd June.Annual Excursion-High Force.
14th Oct. Visit of Eboracum Lodge.

Presentation of Framed Portrait by Bro. T. B. Whytehead, representing the investiture of Robert Burns as Poet Laureate of the Cannon- gate Kilwinning Lodge in 1787, together with about 60 portraits of prominent Freemasons and Citizens.

This forms a most interesting addition to the already valuable collection which adorns the walls of the Masonic Hall.
19th Dec.Presentation of a Gold P.M. Jewel, to Bro. T. J. Wilkinson, in recognition of valuable service rendered.

Presentation of a Baton, for the use of the Director of Ceremonies, by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.

After the Installation:-

Supper was served in the banquetting room, which had been effectively decorated with flags, plants and flowers. About 40 sat down to an abundant, varied and well - seryed repast. Bro. Z. Wright, W.M. presided, assisted by his Wardens - Bro. Dr. Longford and Dr. Hartley. The usual loyal and Masonic toasts were proposed and suitably honoured, many of the Brethren contributing by speech and song to the enjoyment of the evening. Bro. T. J. Wilkinson by request, read a paper entitled - "The Masonic Temple," in the course of which he said - "However much some may scoff at the statement, Masonry to day is to many minds really a Divine Teacher, and has done much to illustrate and accentuate moral truth, and to give it unique expression. It has assisted to reveal the Great Architect, the Grand Geometrician, the Most High, through His own Horn Book, the medium of symbol. Bezaleel and Aholiab were the inspired artificers of the Jewish Tabernacle, and through the work of their hands they expressed the hidden faith of their hearts and the revelations made to their souls. We may reverentially say that there is not a Masonic Lodge to-day that does not set forth the sacred truths then syllabled in the moveable tent, and afterwards amplified in the glorious temple built by King Solomon.


Worshipful Master in 1886.


Whenever we meet together we are reminded of the Triune God and His various ways. Through the eye and by ceremonial, we are taught the obligations of life and urged to conquer base desires, and to be ever aspiring to nobler realizations of truth and goodness. Masonic teaching is ever religious and elevating. When the splendid Temple was built in Jerusalem, all its parts to the minutest detail, were the result of careful, earnest, devout and inspired thought. Not only were the plans drawn, but all the materials were pre - pared before the building was begun, and so correctly and truly were the stones hewed and squared, and so accurately was the woodwork measured and shaped that every part fitted with mathematical correctness, so that when they were brought together no sound of hammer or axe was heard, and the result was an edifice which, for beauty and glory had never been equalled, much less surpassed; a structure which in all ages has been regarded as a model of architecture, not only in a palpable but in a moral sense. Immortality and infinitude circumscribed and governed only by Almighty Will and Eternal Wisdom, are Masonic ideas. It has been well said that the Masonic System exhibits a stupendous and beautiful fabric, founded on universal piety, unfold- ing its gates to receive all true and devout worshippers, concentrating into one body their just and essential tenets, unencumbered by the disputable peculiarities of separate sects and persuasions.

A Mason's Lodge is a symbol of the Universe - the Temple of the Deity - whom we acknowledge and seek to serve. Wisdom, Strength and Beauty stand about His Throne as the Pillars of His work. He stretched forth the Heavens as a curtain, and placed the Earth at His footstool; the Canopy is crowned with stars as a diadem; the sun, the moon are messengers of His will and all His law is concord. At every point this is an object for study, in every object a lesson to be learnt. In the Universal Temple He who is our supreme Grand Master is the ever omnipresent worker, having His centre everywhere and His circumference nowhere; unconfined as in our conception is the temple of the universe. The emancipations from the Divine heart find outward expression in endless variety of form, which allegorise themselves into the system of Freemasonry. To such students, thoughts are involved by objects which to the ordinary observer are commonplace and unsuggestive, and just as there are countless stars which no human eye has seen and no human thought had imagined the existence of before the telescope had been invented and brought them within the range of vision, so the Masonic system of teaching by allegory and illustrating by symbols has discovered a mine of moral and spiritual wealth, previously not only unexplored, but altogether unknown, etc., etc."

A very happy and profitable meeting was spent, and the thanks of the Brethren were given to Bro. Wilkinson for his interesting paper.


Worshipful Master in 1888 and 1898.


14th April,1887.Decease of Bro. Dr. Eberle recorded.
13th Oct.It was announced that the Chaplain of the Lodge, Bro. the Rev. Canon C. E. Camidge, M.A., had been consecrated in Westminster Abbey as Bishop of Bathhurst, N.S.W. Hearty congratu- lations were conveyed to the New Bishop and he was unknimously elected as Hon. Member of the Falcon Lodge.
28th Oct.Letter was read from the Bishop of Bathhurst acknowledging congratulations of the Brethren and thanking them for his election as Hon. Member.
8th Dec.Further contributions to Lodge Library by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.
14th June, 1888.Annual Excursion - Raby Castle.
13th Dec.Engraved portrait of Bro. Frodshaw and "Lectures on Masonry," presented to the Lodge by Bro. T B. Whytehead.
14th Nov.,1889.Vote of thanks to Bro. J. T. Hansell for the way he had conducted the business of the Lodge during his term of office as Master.
12th Dec.Presentation by Bro J. T. Hansell of Framed list, in oak, of all the Worshipful Masters of Falcon Lodge since its formation.

Presentation of Gold F M. Jewel to Bro. J. T. Hansell as a token of esteem and regard from the Brethren of Falcon Lodge.

Photo. of Bro. the Bishop of Bathhurst received and presented to the Lodge by Bro J. T. Hansell.
12th Feb., 1890.Masonic Ball-Assembly Rooms.
12th June.Decease of Bro. Fairbourne recorded.
13th Nov.Vote of thanks to the W.M., Bro. F. R. Hansell for able services during the year.
11th Dec.Present of Gold P.M. Jewel to the retiring Worshipful Master, Bro. F. R. Hansell, as a token of esteem and regard from the Brethren.
6th Feb., 1891.Masonic Ball-Assembly Rooms.
12th Nov.Decease of Bro. Elsley recorded.
10th Dec.Presentation of Gold P.M. Jewel to Bro. Buchanan as a token of esteem from the Brethren.
14th Jan., 1892.Decease of Bro. H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence recorded.

Gift of 10 by Bro. F. R. Hansell towards the Lodge Fund.

Junior Warden's Chair endowed in the R. M. Benevolent Inst. with 4 votes.


Worshipful Master in 1889 and 1894.


20th Jan., 1892.Procession in Masonic clothing to Parish Church for Special Service held in memory of Bro. H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence.
11th Feb.Resolved that a Royal Arch Chapter be formed in connection with this Lodge.
10th March.Gift of 10 Guineas towards funds of Lodge by the W.M., Bro. Richardson.
5th April.Decease of Bro. T. J. Wilkinson, P.M. recorded. Lodge of Sorrow-Masonic funeral.
12th May.Vote of thanks to Bro. Dr. Longford for arranging Lodge of Sorrow, etc., etc.
9th Aug.Trustees of Falcon Lodge;-Bros. A. C. Bamlett, George Ayre, Wm. Coltman, Wm. Hall, Chas. Greensides, Regd. Bell, Henry Smith, Henry Longford, Z. Wright, J. T. Hansell, F. R. Hansell, J. H. Buchanan, Eusabius Richardson, W. W. Hall, A. W. Cass, G. E. Myers, R. Musgrave, G. W. Kemp, and J. T. Farndale.
13th Oct.It was reported that the Mortgage on the Lodge- 350-together with the interest to date, was paid off on Aug. 13th last.
8th Dec.Decease of Bro. W. C. Lukis recorded.
12th Jan.,1893.Gift of 10 to Lodge funds by Bro. Buchanan.
9th Feb.Decease of Bro. Coltman recorded.-Masonic funeral.
28th July.Lodge Picnic to Hackfall.
8th Mar., 1894.Present of Gold P.M. Jewel to Bro. E. Richardson for services as W.M. during the past year.

Bro. Wm. Hall elected Hon. Member.
10th May,Present of handsome Cutlery Case by Bro. Henry Smith , P.M.

Visit of Bro. the Bishop of Bathhurst to the Lodge.

Vote of welcome passed to the Bishop who in reply expressed the pleasure it gave him to once more visit the Falcon Lodge, etc., etc.
14th June.Decease of Bro. C. G. L. Kipling recorded.
10th Jan., 1895.Present of old map of Thirsk, dated 1770, by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.
14th Feb.Gift of 5 Guineas from the Lodge fund for the Thirsk and Sowerby Soup Kitchen Fund.
12th Dec.Bro. Miles Cadle elected Hon. Member.

Present of books to Lodge Library by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.


BRO. W. W. HALL, P.M.,
Worshipful Master 1892 and 1907.


13th May, 1897.Gift of Masonic Book by Bro. Miles Cadle.
8th July.Decease of Bro. F. C. Rudd, P.M. recorded.
9th Sept.Decease of Bro. Henry Smith, P. M. recorded.
11th Nov.History of "Fidelity Lodge, No. 289," Leeds, presented to the Lodge Library by Bro. Vernon Brown.
14th Apl., 1898.Decease of Bro. James Walton, P.M. recorded.
5th May.Donation of 5 Guineas to Masonic Charity.
9th June.Resolved that no regular Lodge meetings be held during the months of July, August and September.
8th Dec'.Presentation of Books and Prints by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.

Decease of the Earl of Lathom, G.C.B. recorded. Lodge in Masonic Mourning for 6 months.
12th Jan., 1899.Grant of 10 per annum from the Provincial Education Fund to Wm. Thos. Lee announced.

Portrait of Bro. T. B. Whytehead presented to the Lodge.
7th Feb.Masonic Ball.
11th Jan., 1900.Gould 's "History of Freemasonry," 3 volumes presented to the Lodge by Bro. George E. Myers.
10th May.3 5s. Od. collected in the Lodge and sent to the South African Masonic Relief Fund.

Death of Bro. W. Whytehead in South Africa.
11th Oct.Bro. Geo. Ayre elected Hon. Member.
13th Dec.Presentation of a copy of Ancient form of obligation, also photo of himself as W.M. of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, London, by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.
2nd Feb., 1901.Memorial Service at the Parish Church on the occasion of the funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, attended by the W.M. and Brethren.
14th Feb.Decease of H. M. Queen Victoria recorded. Lodge in Masonic Mourning for 3 months.
11th April.Decease of Bro. A. W. Cass recorded.
12th Dec.New set of Officers' Collars presented to the Lodge by Bro. James Rymer, W.M.

Framed engraving of room of Grand Royal Arch Chapter, Scotland, presented by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.


BRO. J. R. FRENCH, P.M., P.P.G. J.W.
Worshipful Master in 1899.


25th Feb.,1902.Presentation of Photo. of Picnic Group, by Bro. W. Bell of the Anchor Lodge.
8th Jan., 1903."History of Freemasonry" presented to the Lodge Library by Bro. T. B. Whytehead.
12th Nov.New Silk Banner presented by Bro. George Anderson.

Decease of Bro. Bernard Ayre recorded.
14th Jan., 1904.Presentation of Framed Pictorial Reproduction of the various Masonic degrees, by Bro. G. Anderson, on behalf of his son.

Presentation by Bro. G. Ayre to the Lodge of Mackey's "Lexicon of Freemasonry."

Presentation of a Book-case to the Lodge, by Bro. Stapylton.
14th April.Decease of Bro. Charles Greensides recorded.
9th June.The W.M. announced that he intended to attend the Lodge meeting of the Anchor Lodge, the following evening on the occasion of a Lecture being delivered by Bro. W. N. Cheesman, J.P., P.M., 566, 2494, etc., P.P.G.W., on "Ancient Masonic Charges," and he invited as many as possible to accompany him.
13th Oct.The W.M. presented to the Secretary (Bro. J. R. French), on behalf of the Lodge, a handsome Jewel emblematic of the office.

Bro. J. T. Hansell next presented the W.M. (Bro. MacDermot) with a Gold P.M. Jewel and Collar as a mark of esteem and token of regard in which he was held by the Brethren.
16th Feb.,1905.Masonic Ball.
14th Sept.Congratulation to Bro. Farmery on his having completed 30 years' service as Tyler of the Lodge.
14th Dec.Presentation by Bro. Whytehead of a portrait of "Sir Walter Hawksworth of Hawksworth, Bart., Grand Master at York."
8th Mar., 1906.Decease of Bro. Geo. Anderson, P.M. recorded.
12th April.Decease of Bro. John H. Buchanan, P.M. recorded.
13th Sept.Decease of Bro. J. Rhodes, P.M recorded.
13th Dec.Illness of Bro. T. B. Whytehead who had for over 20 years performed the duties of Installing Master. - Letter sent expressing hope of speedy recovery.


"The greatest of all these is Charity."

BRO. JOHN J. PENTY, P.M., F.P.G. Sword Bearer.
Representative on the Board of Charity frorn 1906 to 1910.
Worshipful Master in 1904.

We help the poor in time of need,
The naked clothe, the hungry feed;
'Tis our foundation stone;
We build upon the noblest plan,
For friendship rivets man to man,
And makes us all as one.

The widow's tear - the orphan's cry-
All wants-our ready hands supply,
As far as power is given.
The naked clothe-the prisoner free-
These are thy works, sweet Charity,
Revealed to us from heaven.


14th Mar., 1907.Resignation of P. Grand Secy., Bro. M. C. Peck.
11th April.Visit of the newly appointed Provincial Grand Secy., Bro. A. Proctor.
9th May.Donation sent from Lodge to Testimonial Fund, for Bro. Peck, Past Provincial Grand Secretary.

Presentation by the Secretary to the Lodge Library of Riley 's "Book of Yorkshire Lodges," on behalf of Mr. John T. Dodsworth, of Thirsk.
12th Sept.Decease of Bro. T. B. Whytehead, P.G.S.B., Eng. (Hon. Member of this Lodge), recorded.
9th Jan., 1908.Donation to wedding present, for Bro. The Earl of Ronaldshay, sent to the P.G. Secretary.
11th June.Gift of Picture representing the Provincial Grand Lodge, held at Scarboro', 1894, by Mrs. Rawlings, widow of Bro. Rawlings, of Agricola Lodge.
10th Dec.Decease of Bro. Capt. Clarke recorded.
11th Feb., 1909.Set of Sounding Boards presented by Bro. E. Charlesworth, J.W.
13th May.It having been reported that Bros. Dr. Longford, P.M. and E. Charlesworth, J.W. had had the honour conferred on them of being advanced to the 30th Degree, it was resolved that a record of this event - hitherto without occurrence in the Lodge's history, should be placed on the Minutes. Carried with acclamation.

To honour the occasion Bro. E. Charlesworth, J.W., presented to the W.M. (Bro. H. W . Woodall), a handsome Gold P.M. Jewel, which was suitably acknowledged; after which a Complimentary Dinner was given to the Brethren of Falcon Lodge by Bros. E. Charlesworth and Dr. Longford.
13th Jan., 1910.Balance sheets to be produced at the Lodge meeting in February instead of January.
12th May.Decease of His Majesty King Edward VII, Patron of all Mason's, recorded.

"The King is dead - Long live the King."


Worshipful Master in 1908.



The W.M., many Past Masters and Brethren present, much could be said about the Protector of our Order. All Masons loved Edward VII for his truly Masonic Spirit. His loss was not only National but world- wide. His Fame and Character were known in every country and his title of "Peacemaker" is perhaps better known to Foreigners even than to us.

We shall remember him as a worthy successor of Queen Victoria, of glorious and blessed memory, who was also Patron of all Free- masons.
8th Sept.Presentation of 3 pairs of Gauntlets, by the Senior Warden, for the use of the three principal Officers.

Hearty vote of thanks given to Bro. E. Charles- worth for his useful gift.
13th Oct.Re-election of Bro. John J. Penty as Charity representative.
10th Nov.Re-election of Bro F. R. Hansell, P.M., as Treasurer.

Re-election of Bro. J. S. Farmery as Tyler, for the 36th time.

The Senior Warden handed to Bro. Z. Wright as Senior Past Master, a beautiful Collar for the use of the Worshipful Masters of Falcon Lodge, on which it was resolved the names of all the past masters should be engraved.

The S.W. received a most hearty vote of thanks for his gift.

Letter from Grand Lodge warning the Brethren to have no association whatever with Lodges not recognised, and on no account to receive members thereof in the Falcon Lodge.


Immediate Past Master.



x Joining Members.

14th Nov., 1872. John Melville Guilding.
  John Harker.
  George Ayre.
27th Nov., William Coltman.
  William Fisher.
  James Walton.
11th Dec., John James Flitter.
  Henry Milburn.
8th Jan., 1873. John H. H. W. Rhodes.
  Charles Greensides.
9th April, Thomas Cooper.
10th June, Geo. W. Appleyard.
  Thos. J. Wilkinson.
13th Aug., Ralph Musgrave.
27th Oct., Robert Atkinson.
  Richard Barnes.
12th Nov.,xGeo. Freeman.
 xA. G. Duncombe.
11th Dec., Henry Masterman.
11th Feb., 1874. George Dinwoodie.
  John Lee.
23rd Feb., Robert Barley.
10th June, Charles Elsley.
14th April, 1875. Dr. W. G. Irving.
12th May, Zaccheus Wright.
9th June,xG. B. Hall.
11th Aug., Chas. G. L. Kipling.
  John S. Farmery.
9th Feb., A. C. Marr.
  R. H. Broderick.
1st March, Reginald Smith.
  Henry Smith.
8th Mar., 1876.xRev. A. T. Atwood, M.A.
14th Sept.,xThomas Foreman.
14th Dec.,xRev. Chas. Ed. Camidge, M.A.


10th May, 1877. John Henry Gilling.
11th June, Eusebius Richardson.
14th Feb., 1878.xJames J. Moss.
13th June, William Ayre.
17th Oct., Robert Long.
19th Dec.,xF. W. Joy.
 xW. C. Lukis.
13th Feb., 1879. Dr. H. Longford.
27th Feb., Dr. R. Hartley.
1st May, Arthur W. Cass.
11th Dec., L. P. Gallwey.
12th Feb., 1880.xW. H. Gainforth.
12th May, 1881.xJohn J. Eberle.
  John H. Buchanan.
9th June,xF. R. Hansell.
11th Aug. John T. Hansell.
11th May, 1882. George Tweedy.
8th Feb., 1883. W. W. Hall.
12th June, 1884.xR. Bell Turton.
12th Feb., 1885.xRev. H. F. Benwell.
11th June, John S. Coulson.
10th Jan., 1889.xCapt. Grant.
  Fred C. Rudd.
  Thos. Stebbing Green.
25th April, Thos. Tweedy.
23rd May, Quintin A. Rhodes.
11th Mar., 1890. Geo. E. Myers.
8th May, Geo. W. Kemp.
  Thos. H. Fall.
17th July, J. T. Farndale.
12th Mar. 1891. Joseph Lister.
14th Jan., 1892. William T. Thornton.
9th Feb,, 1893.xJohn Kettlewell.
10th May. 1894. Rev. John C. Hanson.
101b Jan., 1895.xJohn R. French.
10th April, Frank R. Smith.
111h June, 1896.xR. Wigglesworth.


14th Jan., 1897. James Rymer.
9th Sept., Chas. E. Procter.
10th Feb., 1898.xMiles John Stapylton.
  John James Penty.
10th Nov., George Sandham.
13th April,1899. John Sutcliffe.
9th Nov., Reginald E. Smith.
8th Feb., 1900.xGregory Rhodes.
22nd May, Bernard Ayre.
11th Oct., Ashworth J. Anderson.
10th Jan., 1901. George Smith.
13th Feb., 1902. Harry Wade Woodall.
25th Feb., John M. Bailes.
12th Mar., 1903. Joseph Watmough.
11th June,xReginald Wintersgill.
8th Oct.,xRev. R. E. W. Cosens.
10th Dec.,xH. L. Booth.
11th Feb., 1904. W. Arnold Hebron.
8th Sept., Thos. J. Lynch.
8th Feb., 1906. Frederic Smith.
12th April, Wm. H. Wood.
10th May, Capt. Chas. Clark.
9th April, 1908.xEdwin Charlesworth.
11th Dec.,xHenry Reddin.
14th Oct., 1909.xSamuel Hale.

Of the 97 members who have been received into the Lodge, only 27 subscribe to the Lodge Membership.

Wherever you go throughout the world, you will find men who will greet you and treat you as a Brother. FREEMASONRY alone has been able to establish this bond of union between men of all races and all creeds-who believe in the Supreme Creator.

See that you make yourselves worthy of these privileges, and remember that it is your duty to further the objects of the Fraternity to which you owe them.



  1872 Bro. Geo. Marwood.
1873 ,, F. M. Herring.
1874 ,, Geo. Marwood.
1875 ,, Geo. Marwood.
1876 ,, Geo. Marwood.
1877 ,, Geo. Marwood.
1878 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1879 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1880 ,, Geo. Marwood.
1881 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1882 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1883 ,, Knowles,
1884 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1885 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1886 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1887 ,, Hon. W. T. Orde Powlett.
1888 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1889 ,, J. T. Hansell.
1890 ,, F. R Hansell.
1891 ,, J. H. Buchanan.
1892 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1893 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1894 ,, J. S. Walton.
1895 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1896 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1897 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1898 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1899 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1900 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1901 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1902 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1903 ., T. B. Whytehead.
1904 ,, T. B. Whytehead.
1905 ,, T. B Whytehead.
1906 ,, Z. Wright.
1907 ,, F. R. Hansell.
1908 ,, J. Rymer.
1909 ,, H. W. Woodall.
1910 ,, F. R. Hansell.



x Subscribing Past Masters.
* Joining Members.

*x1872 Bamlett, A.C.
 x1875 Wright, Z.
  1875 Farmery, J. S.
  (Serving Bro.)
 x1876 Bell, Regd.
 x1879 Longford, H.
 x1881 Hansell, John T.
*x1881 Hansell, Francis R.
 x1883 Hall, Wm. W.
 x1890 Kemp, George W.
*x1895 French, John R.
 x1897 Rymer, James.
*x1898 Stapylton, Miles J.
 x1898 Penty, John J.
 x1899 Smith, Regd. E.
  1900 Anderson, Ashworth, J.
  1901 Smith, George.
 x1902 Woodall, Harry Wade.
  1903 Watmough, Joseph.
*x1903 Wintersgill, Reginald.
* 1903 Booth, Herbert L.
  1904 Hebron, William A.
  1904 Lynch, Thomas J.
  1906 Smith Frederic.
  1906 Wood, William H.
* 1908 Charlesworth, Edwin.
* 1908 Reddin, Henry.
* 1909 Hale Samuel.


Bro. The Right Rev. the Bishop of Bathhurst.
Bro. George Ayre.


Worshipful Master, 1910.


An account of the Falcon Lodge would be incomplete with- out some reference to its By-Laws.

The present By-Laws which have been revised were agreed to in Lodge, on the 11th Feb., 1897, and approved by the Provincial Grand Master, the Marquis of Zetland, on the 15th March, 1897, and were finally confirmed in London, by the Grand Master, on the 18th March, 1897.

The By-Laws also contain Table of Fees and Lodge dues, also a Calendar of Business to be transacted at every Lodge meeting during the year, and which says, in January the Treasurer's Balance Sheet to be sent to members, and that the Steward's Accounts are to be presented.

"On the 13th January, 1910, it was resolved that By-Law 10 be altered, so that the date for producing the Annual Balance Sheet be fixed for the Lodge meeting in February, instead of January as heretofore."

The Lodge meetings from January to December shall be for ordinary working. At the October meeting we are reminded that the Annual Subscriptions become due, and the Charity Representa- tive is appointed.

At the November meeting the election of Worshipful Master, Treasurer and Tyler takes place; and at the December meeting the Worshipful Master elect is installed.

On the 9th June, 1898, it was agreed that no regular Lodge meetings be held in the months of July, August and September.


The Senior Warden, 1910.



Roll of Honour.

Worshipful Masters of Falcon Lodge, Present and Past.

1872 Frederick Bell, P.P.G.S.W.
1873 Frederick Bell.
1874 A. C. Bamlett, P.P.G.J.W.
1875 John Rhodes.
1876 Geo. Anderson.
1877 Geo. Ayre, F.P.G.J.D.
1878 T. J. Wilkinson.
1879 W. Coltman.
1880 Wm. Hall.
1881 Chas. Greensides, P.P.G.P.
1882 Reginald Bell, P.P G.J.W.
1883 Henry Smith.
1884 James S. Walton, P.P.G.P.
1885 Zaccheus Wright, P.P.G.O.
1886 Dr. Henry Longford, P.P.C.J.W.
1887 Dr. R. Hartley.
1888 J. T. Hansell, P.P.G.S.D.
1889 F. R. Hansell, P.P.G.S.D.
1890 J. H. Buchanan, P.P.G., Reg.
1891 E. Richardson, P.P.G.C.
1892 W. W. Hall.
1893 A. C. Bamlett.
1894 F. R. Hansell.
1895 F. C. Rudd.
1896 G. W. Kemp.
1897 G. E. Myers.
1898 J. T. Hansell.
1899 J . R. French, P.P.G.J.W.
1900 Zaccheus Wright.
1901 James Rymer.
1902 E. Richardson.
1903 T. B. Mac Dermot
1904 J. J. Penty, P.P.G. Swd. B.
1905 Miles Stapylton.
1906 R. E. Smith.
1907 W. W. Hall.
1908 H. W. Woodall.
1909 Reginald Wintersgill.
1910 Edwin Charlesworth.

"To be pure and warmhearted, to console the afflicted, to relieve the unfortunate, to have always in view the true, the beautiful and the good, for the benefit of humanity, such is Freemasonry."


Junior Warden, 1910.



Bro. Wilkinson.
, Geo. Ayre.
, Dr. Buchanan.
, John J. Penty (in office).

LODGES' VOTES, July, 1910.

Falcon No. 1416.12  3
Senior Warden.1   3
Junior Warden.  4 4
Ayre, G. 1  1
Bamlett, A. C. 1  1
Charlesworth, E.777728
French, J. R.  2 2
Hanson, Rev. J. C. 1  1
Penty, John J.333312

CHARITY! thou heaven born virtue! long mayest thou preside as the guardian genius of Masonry; and may Wisdom, Strength and Beauty remain its three great pillars.


Tyler of the Falcon Lodge since 1875.



We meet upon the level, and we part upon the square,
What words of precious meaning those words Masonic are !
Come let us contemplate them-they are worthy of a thought,
In the very soul of Masonry those precious words are wrought.

We meet upon the level, though from every station come,
The King from out his palace, and the poor man from his home;
For the one must leave his wealth and state outside the Mason's door,
And the other finds his best respect upon the checkered floor.

We part upon the square-for the world must have its due,
We mingle with the multitude, a faithful band and true;
But the influence of our gatherings in memory is green,
And we long upon the level to renew the happy scene.

There's a world where all are equal, we are hurrying towards it fast,
We shall meet upon the level there, when the gates of death are past;
We shall stand before the Orient, and our Master will be there,
To try the blocks we offer, with His own unerring square.

We shall meet upon the level there, but never thence depart,
There's a Mansion-'tis all ready for each trusting, faithful heart;
There's a mansion, and a welcome, and a multitude is there,
Who have met upon the level arid been tried upon the square.

Let us meet upon the level, then, while labouring patient here,
Let us meet and let us labour, though the labour be severe;
Already in the Western sky the signs bid us prepare,
To gather up our working tools and part upon the square.

Hands round, ye faithful Masons, in the bright fraternal chain,
We part upon the square below, to meet in heaven again;
Oh, what words of precious meaning, those words Masonic are,
We meet upon the level, and we part upon the square.


This Collar, a work of art, has been specially made for the use of the
Worshipful Masters of Falcon Lodge

and bears the name of every Master since its Consecration; it will become more interesting as years roll along. It is from the special design of Messrs. Spencer & Co., Masonic Jewellers, Great Queen St., London. W.C., who have world-wide reputation for turning out first-class work and giving personal attention to the smallest matters of detail.

Presented to the Lodge by


Group of old friends taken outside the Lodge Room some little time after the opening.

Bros. Loughton, Dinwoodie, Cooper, Evans, Atkinson, Elsley, Walton, Lee, Coltman, Smith, Wilkinson, Masterman, Ayre, Hartley, Musgrove, Barnes.

Front Row :-
Bros. Bourne, Anderson, Atwood, Bamlett, F. Bell, Rhodes and Hall



Worshipful Bro. Edwin Charlesworth Installed as W.M.

On Thursday, in the presence of a large gathering of Brethren from India, Scotland, London, York, Ripon, the West, North and East Ridings, who assembled at the "Falcon" Lodge of Freemasons, Thirsk, Bro. Edwin Charlesworth, of Croft Villa, Gomersal, was installed Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. The sublime Masonic ritual was most impressively undertaken by the Installing Master, W. Bro. F. R. Hansell, P.P.G.S.D., who was ably assisted by W. Bros. Dr. H. Longford, P,P.G.W., J. T. Hansell, P.P.G.D., Zaccheus Wright, P.P.G.O., James Rymer, J. J. Penty, P.M. and H. Wade Woodall, I.P.M. The Board of Installed Masters having been closed, the newly- installed Master honoured the following Brethren with appointments and received their insignia of office, viz.:

Wor. Bro. R. Wintersgill, LP.M.
Wor. Bro. James Rymer, P.M., S.W.
Bro. S. Hale, J.W .
Wor. Bro. J. T. Hansell, P.M., P.P.S.G.D., Chaplain.
Wor. Bro. F. R. Hansell, P.M., P.P.S.G.D., Treasurer.
Wor. Bro. J. R. French, P.M., P.P.J.G.W., Secretary.
Bro. T. J. Lynch, S.D.
Bro. F. Smith, J.D.
Wor. Bro. H. Longford, P.M.P.P.J.G.W., D.C.
Bro. W. H. Wood, I.G.
Bro. H. Reddin, Organist.
Wor. Bro. H. W. Woodall, P.M., Librarian.
Bro. H. Reddin, - Steward.
Bro. F. Smith, - Steward
Wor. Bro. G. W. Kemp, P.M., Almoner.
Wor. Bro. J. J. Penty, P.M., P.P.G., Sword Bearer, Charity Representative.
Wor. Bro. Z. Wright, P.M., P.P.G.O., Preceptor.
Bro. J. S. Farmery, Tyler.

Bro. A. Monaghan, of York Cathedral, beautifully rendered the solo, "Be thou faithful unto death." Various letters of regret from distinguished Brethren, and telegrams of congratulations from the secretaries of the Royal Masonic Institutions-


W. Bros. W. J. Songhurst, W. O Welsford, W. Metcalfe, F. C. Van Duzer, London.

From Eminent Preceptors - W. F. Allvey and H. J. Homer, and the Knights of King Edward the 7th, and Empress Preceptories of which W. Bro. Charlesworth is an Officer, and who were meeting the same afternoon in London.

V. E. Knight Thomas Fraser, K.C.T.. Great Marshal of England, in the order of the Temple.

R.W. Bro. Colonel Hope, P.G. Master, Midlothian.

R.W. Bro. A. C. Powell, P.G. Master, M.M., Bristol.

R.W. Bro. F. Cleaves, P.G. Master, M.M., West Yorks.

W. Bro. W. P. Raynor, J P., P.G.D. (England), Huddersfield.

Major Gibbs, Tidworth.

W. N. Cheesman, J.P., Selby.

Dr. Brand, J.P., V.D., Driffield.

Major Lindberg, York, &c., &c., were received.


The company then adjourned to the Fleece Hotel, where the annual banquet was purveyed by W. Bro. W . W. Hall, P.M., in recherche style. The Worshipful Master (W. Bro. E. Charles- worth) presided, supported by an influential body of Past Masters, officers and visitors.

After the loyal toasts had been proposed by the Master.

R W. Bro. Fox-Thomas, P.G. Sec., Past Grand Standard Bearer of England, responded for the "Grand Officers," and after complimenting the W. M. on his high position, to whom he offered his best wishes, referred to the excellent work which had been accomplished by the Duke of Connaught during his visit to South Africa (hear, hear). Freemasonry levelled up and produced a wonderful influence. If they gave out their best, the best would come home to them (hear, hear).

W. Bro. J. T. Hansell, P.P.G.S.D., proposed the "Provincial Grand Rulers." He said Masonry was progressive through its various degrees. Their Rulers were in touch with the poorer Brethren of the Province through its Board of Benevolence (hear, hear).


W. Bro. Rev. G. H. Chilman, M.A., P.P.G. Chaplain, in responding said their Grand Rulers - particularly Lord Bolton- were conversant with every detail of the various Lodges and knew the members as brother to brother, and man to man (hear, hear).

W. Bro. F. R. Hansell, P.P.G.D., proposed "The Worship - ful Master" - the toast of the evening - and said they were to be congratulated in having such a distinguished Brother to preside over the Lodge (hear, hear). He belonged to a great many orders and they knew he would carry out the duties with credit to him- self and the advantage of the Falcon Lodge (cheers).

W. Bro. E. Charlesworth, W.M., in responding, thanked the Brethren for their hearty reception, and said "To-day, the Brethren of Falcon Lodge have done me great honour by placing me in the Master's Chair, and thus making me a Ruler in the craft. It has been my purpose and ambition to reach this position and I trust that during my tenure as chief of the Falcons, the office will lose none of its dignity and lustre, which the chair of the Lodge has been so characteristic since its formation. I may fail in my duty, if I do, it will not be because I have not endeavoured to do it. I shall do what I can as I have done since I became a member of the Lodge. To-day, I don't wish to make a speech on the merits of the chair or to speak of onesself, I would rather for a short time refresh the Brethren with a brief review of the history of their own Lodge, it may interest the visitors whose presence here I heartily welcome, and I feel certain it will interest my particular Masonic friends from the West Riding, whom I am most delighted to see here this afternoon. I hope by Christmas Day to place a copy of these Annals in the hands of every member of my Lodge, and every Worshipful Master of every Lodge in this province, if these Masters emulate my example-then I extend to them my greatest sympathy (laughter). It may be that my little book does not come up to what was expected, but to that I would remind you in many of the mining camps out West you will find in the drinking saloons a notice over the piano. placed there by the proprietor worded something like this, "Don't shoot the Pianist, he is doing his best,"


believe me, I have done my best, so don't riddle me. Kindly accept it from me as an interesting souvenir of my membership of Falcon Lodge (cheers).

The Charter was granted on the 27th July, 1872, and the Lodge was duly constituted in rooms in Kirkgate, on the 17th October, the chief figure in its inception being the late W.Bro. F. Bell, whose acquaintance I had not the pleasure of. He bore the name not only honoured in the Lodge but in the whole district. In looking through the minute book of the Lodge I felt the greatest admiration for this Brother, and I cannot allow the occasion to pass without paying this small but deserved tribute to his memory. On the 4th September, 1872, the New Masonic Hall was opened with the usual ceremonial.

In the building up of the Falcon Masonic Temple, the Brethren were extremely loyal and most generous towards the great expense. The costly and useful gifts of the late W. Bro. Bell are very noticeable. Amongst the early members who also contributed in this respect, we find Brothers Bamlett, Cooper, Duncombe, Wilkinson, Masterman, W. Hall, Anderson, Walton, Musgrave, John Harker, R. Smith and Long, followed by the valuable ornithological collection by the late Founder. The Brethren of this day were men who loved Freemasonry and were prepared to pay for it. Following on we find that great Freemason who was loved by all who knew him, and who rarely missed making a present to the Lodge every year (the late W. Bro. T. B. Whytehead). The gift of Worshipful Brother J. T. Hansell (a framed list in Oak, of all the Masters of Falcon Lodge), a most useful one, will always keep him in remembrance in long years to come (applause). At one time it almost became the custom for the W.M. during his year to subscribe 10 guineas to the Lodge Funds, but this has been discontinued. Later we find, the gift of a handsome Cutlery Case, by W. Bro. H. Smith, Masonic Books by Bros. Cadle & Myers; then the next gift is from our present Senior Warden, W. Bro. James Rymer, who presented a most useful gift in the shape of a new set of Officers' Collars (applause). W. Bro.


Anderson appears again, and this time with our beautiful silken Banner. The very handsome Bookcase in our dining hall was presented by W. Bro. Stapylton. Then to mark some special occasion in Freemasonry we find W. Bro. Woodall honoured with a very handsome gold Past Master's Jewel, from one of the mem- bers. From Mr. John T. Dodsworth, Villa Place, Thirsk, a present of Masonic Books were received, this is very pleasing, as that gentleman has not yet joined our order.

The question of forming a Royal Arch Chapter has more than once come before the Lodge, but as yet nothing has been done.

Reviewing the whole of the 38 years of this history, the Brethren have been loyal and true to their Lodge, and the Lodge has been mindful of services rendered. The following were recipients of a very handsome Past Master's Jewel: W. Bros. F. Bell, T. J. Wilkinson, J. T. Hansell, F. R. Hansell, Dr. Buchanan and E. Richardson. Then a very pretty Jewel, one emblematic of the Secretary's office was presented to W. Bro. French, and here one could say a great deal of this Officer's service to the Lodge. Elected in 1895, Bro. French has stuck to his post, and in 1910, 15 years later, we find our Secretary still in office (hear, hear). Of the Past Masters who are still members one could speak at length, W. Bro. Wright has taken a good share of work, and is always willing and anxious to do more (applause), and ably followed by the W. Brothers Hansell who have both been most loyal and true friends to the Lodge (applause). W. Bro. Dr. Longford, who for 9 or 10 years has held the office of Director of Ceremonies, and is still serving in that office, he has not his equal in the province (applause), he has done well for his Lodge, and others who follow after equally deserve mention, I esteem them every one for their good qualities.

Amongst the records, we find a gift of money towards the soup kitchen of Thirsk and Sowerby during the distress. The Masonic Charities also received some little help, and during the South African War the Masonic Relief Fund was augmented;


(during this sad time news was received of the death of W. Bro. Whytehead's son (also a Mason), who fell in the War). The Provincial Secretary's (W. Bro. Peck) long service was recognised by a suitable subscription to the testimonial fund, and Bro. Lord Ronaldshay's wedding was not allowed to go unnoticed without some suitable remembrance from the Lodge.

The annual events such as the Excursion in summer and Ball in winter are amongst the things of the past, these could well be resuscitated as they appear to have been a great success, and have given pleasure to the Brethren and friends alike.

I cannot close without a word for the Tyler (Bro. Farmery). He was appointed to this office before he became a Freemason, but this matter was put right at the next meeting, and since the 14th July, 1875, Bro. Farmery has held this office, and for 36 years, this is rather a long slice of a man's life, but to-day our good old friend remains in office, faithful and obediently he continues to serve the Brethren, and his services are appreciated. Altogether 97 members have passed into the Lodge, which number I hope we shall make into 100 before I leave the chair.

"Still there are a few remaining,
Who remind us of the past."


In conclusion he proposed the - health of "The Installing Master," and referred to the very satisfactory manner in which he had discharged his duties. He had never witnessed a more im- pressive ceremonial (applause).

W. Bro. F. R. Hansell, in responding, said he had felt complimented in being asked to perform the ceremony, and was always pleased to do what he could for the Brethren (applause).

W. Bro. Dr. H. Longford, P.P.G.W., proposed "The Visiting Brethren," and said this was always a favourite toast at Thirsk - they were delighted to see so many present that evening from London, York, West Hartlepool, the West Riding, Ripon, Northallerton, Bedale, and other places (applause).


W. Bros Kendall (Bedale), R. Gill (West Yorks), Carlill Savill and Bros. Hutley, Potts (Northallerton), Thornton, Weakner and Leese responded.

W. Bro. G. W . Kemp, P.M., proposed "The Masonic Charities."

W. Bro. J. Rymer, P.M., proposed in complimentary terms "The Immediate Past Master and Past Masters."

W. Bro. Z Wright, P.P.G.O., in felicitous terms gave "The Officers of the Lodge," W. Bro. J. Rymer, S.W. and Bros. J. T. Lynch, S.D. and F. Smith, J.D. responding.

The visitors included W. Bros. E Fox Thomas, P.G. Sec , P.G.S.B. of England; John Gill, P.M. and F. Allatt, P.M., Heckmondwike; J. Carlill Savill, P.F.G.O., Rev. G. H Chilman, M.A., P.P.G.C., F. W. Crocker, P.P.G.C , Thos. Mallinson, P.P.G D., Richard Gill, P.P.G.S., Works; G. W. Kendall, W. M. Beresford Peirse; Bros. J. E. Learoyd, Senior Warden; G. W. Thornton, Alfred Hutley, I.G.; Wm. H. Potts, Senior Warden, Anchor Lodge; 1V. H. Dawson and A Monaghan, Eboracum; A. E Houghton, Agricola, 1991; J. J. Weakner, Restoration, 111; J. Walker, St. Brendon, 163; A. H. Leese, Tilbury, 2,508; Robert C. Mayes, Harbour of Refuge, 164.

"Bene merentibus."



Formed by the late Mr. John Bell, and added to by the late Past Master, Frederick Bell (insured for 500).

This valuable collection was presented to Falcon Lodge, No. 1416, by Bro. R. Bell, P.M.


1.Golden Eagle.
2.Golden Eagle and white Tailed Eagle.
3.White Tailed Eagle.
5.Gyr Falcon.
6.Peregrine Falcon-immature
7.Peregrine Falcon-adult
12.Sparrow Hawks.
13.Sparrow Hawks.
15.Common Buzzards.
16.Rough-legged Buzzards.
17.Honey Buzzards.
18.Marsh Harriers.
19.Marsh Harriers.
20.Hen Harriers.
21.Montagus Harriers - immature.
22.Scops-eared Owls.
23.Long-eared Owls.
24.Long-eared Owls.
25.Short-eared Owls.
26.Barn Owl.
27.Fawny Owl.
28.Great Grey Shrike.
29.Grey Shrike.
30.Red Backed Shrike.
31.Pied Flycatchers.
33.Missel Thrush.
34.Pied Blackbird
Golden Crested Regulus.
35.Ring Ousel.
39.Grasshopper Warblers.
40.Sedge Warblers
41.Reed Warblers.
42.Garden Warblers.
44.Lesser Whitethroats.
45.Willow Wrens.
46.Chiff Chaks.
47.Gold-crested Regulus.
48.Ox-eye Tits.
49.Long-tailed Tits.
50.Grey Wagtail.
51.Yellow Wagtail.
52.Tree Pipits.
53.Rock Pipits.
55.Snow Buntings.
56.Common Buntings.


57.Reed Buntings.
58.Yellow Hammer.
59,Cirl Bunting, and Black Grouse.
61.Mountain Finch.
62.Tree Sparrow.
63.Pied House Sparrow.
64.White House Sparrow.
White Partridge.
65.Mountain Finch.
67.Lesser Redpole.
72.White Variety Rook.
73.Green Woodpecker.
83.Turtle Dove.
84.Pheasant-Red variety.
85.Pied Pheasant.
86.Pied Pheasant variety.
87.Pheasant-Pied variety.
88.Pheasant-Pied variety.
89.Pheasants, Female,
assuming plumage of Male.
91.Pheasant-White Fied.
92.Hybrid between Pheasant
and Black Grouse
93.Bohemian Pheasant.
94.Black Grouse.
95.Red Grouse.
96 Red Grouse - Pied variety.
99.Partridge-White variety.
100.Red-legged Partridge.
102.Great Bustard.
104.Great Plover
106.Grey Plover.
109.Heron -immature.
111.Purple Heron.
113.Little Bitterns.
114.Night Heron.
118.Green Sandpipers.
119.Common Sandpipers.
122.Spotted Redshank.
126.Spotted Crake.


127.Water Rail.
129.Grey Phalarope.
130.Brent Goose.
131 Brent Goose.
132.Egyptian Goose.
133.Egyptian Goose.
140.Wild Duck
- Pied variety.
144.Eider Duck.
145.King Duck.
146.Velvet Scoter.
147.Long-tailed Duck.
148.Long-tailed Duck.
150.Scaup Duck.
151.Scaup Duck
- immature.
152.Tufted Duck.
153.Tufted Duck.
154.Golden Eye Duck.
155.Golden Eye Duck.
156.Golden Eye Duck.
158.Red-breasted Merganser.
160.Red Necked Grebe
- immature.
161.Red Necked Grebe
- immature.
162.Eared Grebe-immature.
163 Sclavonian Grebe.
164.Little Grebe.
165.Little Grebe
Summer plumage
166.Great Northern Diver.
167.Black-throated Diver
- Immature
168.Black-throated Diver
- Immature
169.Red-throated Diver.
170.Red throated Diver
- Immature
171.Black Guilemots.
172.Little Auk.
175.Conunon Gull.
176.Herring Gull.
177.Great Black
backed Gull.
178.Glaucus Gull-immature.
179.Buffons. Skua.
180.Fork-tailed Petrel.
182.Black Swans.
183.Knobbed or Swan Geese.
188.Peregrine Falcon.
189.Arctic Fox.
191.Fox Head.
Different varieties.
193.Sparrow Hawks.
194.Marsh Tits.
195.Lesser Black Backed Gull.