Kelly's Directory 1879 - Thirsk

THIRSK is a parliamentary borough, parish, market and union town, head of a county town district, and polling place for the Riding, having a station on the North Eastern railway, 220 miles from London, 61 from Beverley, 61 from Bridlington, 22 south from Darlington, 41 from Durham, 50 from Driffield, 41 west from Filey, 69 from Hull, 42 from Leeds, 30 from Malton, 14 east from Masham, 7 south from Northallerton, 40 west from Pickering, 11 north-east from Ripon, 51 west from Scar- borough, 75 from Sheffield, 64 south-west from Whitby and 22 north-by-west from York, in the wapentake of Birdforth, rural deanery of Thirsk, archdeaconry of Cleve- land, diocese of York, seated on the Cod Beck, a branch of the river Swale, which takes its rise in the Osmotherley moors, and, after passing Ellerbeek, Crosby and Thirsk, finds its way into the Swale below Topcliffe. There are two stone bridges over the Cod Beck, which connect the Old with the New Town. The railway station is 1 mile west from the town, in an open setting. The town never was incorporated; it was a borough by prescription, and first sent members to Parliament in the reign of Edward I.; but none were afterwards returned till the last Parliament of Edwurd VI. from which time the privilege was con- tinued without interruption till the passing of the Reform Act, since which one member only has been returned, and the parliamentary borough of Thirsk was extended so as to include the townships of Sowerby, Carlton Miniott, Sand- Hutton, South Kilvington and Bagby. The town is paved, and is lighted with gas by a company incorporated in 1871. The church of St. Mary the Virgin (the principal church of the archdeaconry of Cleveland) is a handsome Gothic structure of Perpendicular style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, porch, and tower 80 feet in height containing 8 bells, one of which bears the inscription "Jesus, 1410," in capitals, and is supposed to have come from Fountains Abbey; also a large clock : the church was thoroughly restored in 1877, at a cost of upwards of 5,000, by subscription: a powerfill handsome organ has been added and placed at the eastern end of the north aisle. The arch of the outer door- way is acutely pointed, and above the porch is a parvise in which a hermit, named Parkinson, resided about the year 1513. The chancel was repaired A.D. 1844 by Lord Wolsingham and Sir Robert Russell, bart. in memory of his beloved wife and daughter, the altar window was painted by Lady Wolsingham and her four sisters; the western window is a memorial to the late Frederick Bell, esq.: the communion table, of carved oak, is supposed to have formerly belonged to Byland Abbey. The church in its restored state presents internally a noble and cathedral- like appearance. The register dates from the year 1650. The living is a vicarage, yearly value 300, in The gift of the Archbishop of York and held by the Rev. Charles E. Camidge, M.A. Wadham College, Oxford. There is a good glebe house close to the church. There are a National school for boys and girls, a Catholic school, a British School, and an Infant school. There are several parochial charities. There are chapels for Congrega- tionalists, Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists; also a Friends' Meeting house, and a Catholic chapel erected in 1867 at a cost of 2,000. There are three banks and a savings bank. The market day is on Monday, one of the best in the North Riding, produce being supplied by 70 neighbouring townships, and there is ample accommo- dation for the stowage and sale of commodities of every description. The fairs are - Shrove Monday and April 4th and 5th, for horses, horned cattle, sheep and leather; Easter and Whit-Monday are pleasure fairs; August 4th and 5th and October 28th and 20th for sheep and horned cattle; and on the first Tuesday after December 11th for horned cattle and leather. An extensive Auction Mart for the sale of eattle, sheep and pigs was established in the year 1870, where close upon 1,500 head of stock are disposed of every alternate Monday.

The Savings Bank and Assembly Rooms is a large and handsome building, erected 1849.

The Mechanics' Institute is situated in Westgate; it was built in 1852; it has about 100 members, a library of about 1,200 volumes, and an annual income of about 70.

The Church Institute, in Castlegate, was founded in 1877, and has a library: the number of members is 130.

The place being situated in the midst of a most luxuriant and fertile districtin the fruitful Vale of Mowbray, produces large quantities of timber, corn, wool, bark, and other agri- cultural produce. The extensive agricultural engineering works of Mr. A. C. Bamlett afford employment to a large number of hands. There are also a few other trades carried on to some extent in the town and neighbourhood, such as tanning and dressing of leather, malting, brickmaking, ironfounding, gas works; and there are several corn mills, propelled by steam and water power.

Races are held here in the second week of April; the course, on which a grand stand is erected, is to the west of the town.

The principal landed proprietors are Major and Mrs. Saunders and Reginald Bell, esq. who are lords of the manor, and Sir W. P. Gallway, bart. M.P. of Thirkleby Park.

On that part of Thirsk which is now the New Town there once stood an ancient castle; the moats are still to be traced, but nothing of the building remains: here Roger de Mow- bray leagued with the King of Scotland and rebelled against Henry II.: the rebellion was suppressed and the castle demolished. There was a chantry in Old Thirsk, founded in the time of Henry I by William de Mowbray, but where it stood is not now known.

The area of the township is 3,100 acres; rateable value, 17,935; area of the parish, 8,163 acres; the population in 1871 was, of the former, 3,040; of the latter, 5,188; and of parliamentary borough, 5,735.

Parish Clerk, William Dale Bateman.

Official Establishments, Local Institutions &c.

POST, MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE, Savings Bank & Government Annuity & Insurance Office, Market place. - Robert Jaques, postmaster. Letters from London, south, east & west, arrive at 5 a.m.; dispatched at 7.40 p.m. box closing at 7.25 p.m.; on Sunday at 7.35 p.m. Second mail from London, south & west, arrives at 3.30 p.m.; dispatched at 10 p.m. From all parts of the north, arrive at 9.30 p.m.; dispatched at 10 p.m; Second mail from all parts of the north, arrive at 5 a.m.; dispatched at 2 p.m.; additional mail at 9.45 a.m. from York & South. Local messenger arrives at 6.30 p.m.; dispatched at 6 a.m.

MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT. - Sir William Payne Gallwey, bart, Thirkleby park, Thirsk; & 2 Buckingham gate & Travellers' club, London SW

Returning Officer, William Robert West, Market place

For the Birdforth Petty Sessional Division.
Robert Akenhead, esq
Thomas Cowper Hincks, esq
Reginald Bell, esq
Robert G..Hopkinson, esq
The Rt. Hon.the Earl Cathcart
The Hon. George Edwin Lascelles (chairman)
Charles Elsley, esq
Sir William Payne Gallwey bart M.P.
Rev. Geo. Scott
Edmund Henry Turton, esq
Rev. Henry Hawkins

Clerk, John Richardson, Castlegate.

Petty Sessions are held every Monday at the justice room, Sowerby.

The following places are included in the Petty Sessional Division:-Angram Grange, Arden, Bagby, Balk, Bils- dale West Side, Birdforth, Boltby, Byland Members, Carlton Husthwaite, Cariton Miniott, Catton, Cold Kirby, Cowesby, Coxwold, Dale Town, Dalton, Elmire-with- Crakehill, Fawdington, Feliskirk, Gueldable, Hawnby, Hoodgrove, Husthwaite, Hutton Sessay, Kepwick, Kil- burn, Kirby Knowle, Kirby Wiske, Mawnby, Nether Silton, Newbrough, Newsham - with - Breckenbrough, North Kilvington, Old Byland, Oldstead, Oulston, Over Silton, Sand Hutton, Sessay, Shornton Baxby, Skipton, Snilesworth, South Kilvington, South Otterington, Sowerby, Sutton - under - Whitestonecliffe, Thirkleby, Thirlby, Thirsk, Thornbrough, Thornton-le-Moor, Thornton-le-Street, Thorpe-le-Willows, Topcliffe, Up- sall, Wass, Wildon Grange, & Yearsley

Imperial Fire, Henry Masterman, Market place
London Assurance Corporation, John Richardson, Castle gate
London and County Plate Glass, Richard Pearson, Market place
Manchester Fire, George Dickson, Market place
Midland Counties, R. Jaques, Market place
Star Accident and United Kingdom, Richard Pearson, Market place
Union, William Heap, Yorkshire Banking Co
Yorkshire Fire & Life, Chas. Mc C. Swarbreck,Market pl

Assembly Rooms, Castlegate
County Court, Edmond Robert Turner, esq judge; Charles McCartney Swarbreck. registrar F Herring, York, bailiff; office, Market place. The court is held once a month: the following places are included in its jurisdiction,:- Ainderby Quernhow, Bagby, Balk, Birdforth, Boltby, Carlton Minniot, Carthorpe, Catton, Cowesby, Dalton, Elmire-with-Crakehill, Fawdington, Feliskirk, Holme, Hood Grange, Howe, Hutton Sessay, Kepwick, Kilburn, Kirby Knowle, Kirby Wiske, Knay- ton-with-Brawith, Maunby, Newby Wiske, Newsham- with-Brechenbrough, North Kilvington, Pickhill-with- Roxby,Sand Hutton, Sessay, Sinderby,Skipton-on-Swale, South Kilvington, South Otterington, Sowerby, Sutton - under - Whitestoneeliffe, Thirkleby, Thirlby, Thirsk, Thornbrough, Thornton-le-Moor, Thornton-le-Street, Topcliffe, and Upsall.
Masonic Hall, Falcon lodge, No. 1416, Bro. T. J. Wilkinson, W.M.; James Johnson, hon. sec
Police Station, Westgate, Thomas Nicholson, inspector
Stamp Office, Kirkgate, Thomas Eeles, distributor

Board day, saturday, fortnightly.

Thirsk union comprises the following places: Ainderby Quernbow, Bagby-with-Islebeck, Balk, Birdforth, Boltby, Carlton Miniott, Catton, Cowesby, Dalton, Elmire-with , Crakehill, Fawdington, Feliskirk, Holme, Hood Grange, Howe, Hutton Sessay, Kepwick, Kilburn, Kirby Knowle, Kirby Wiske, Knayton-with-Brawith, Maunby, Newby Wiske, Newsham-with-Breckenbrough, North Kilvington, Pickhill-with-Roxby, Sand Hutton, Sessay, Sinderby, Skipton-upon-Swale, South Kilvington, South Otterington, Sowerby,Sutton-under-Whitestoneelife,Thirkleby,Thirlby, Thirsk, Thornbrough, Thornton-le-Moor, Thornton-le. Street, Topcliffe, and Upsall; population in 1871, 12,168; gross estimated rental, 165,680 ; rateable value, 144,892; the population in 1871 was 12,168. The Union Workhouse, in the Sutton-road, is a handsome brick building, erected in 1834; it will hold about 120 persons.
Clerk, C McCartney Swarbreck, Market place
Collector, Thomas Eeles, Kirkgate
Relieving & Vaccination Oficer, Thomas Walker
Medical Oficers, Workhouse (indoor), Thirsk & Sutton, William Hall Ryott, F.R.C.P.,EDIN.; Topcliffe & Pick- hill, T. Carter Mitchell; Kilburn, James William Smith Knayton, John R. Gray
Superintendent Registrar, Charles McCartneySwarbreck, Market place
Registrar of Marriages, Richard Barley, Castlegate
Registrar of Births & Deaths, David Peat, Market place
Workhouse, master, Henry Simpson; hon. chaplain, Rev. C. E. Camidge; surgeon, William Hall Ryott; matron, Miss Isabel Metcalfe


Clerk, Charles McCartney Swarbreck, Market place
Medical Officer, John Hamilton Buchanan, M.D. Sowerby
Inspector of Nuisances, John Wright, Ingramgate

Clerk to Commissioners of Taxes, & Clerk to the Highway Board, Birdforth District, John Richardson, Castlegate
Clerk to the Burial Board, Henry Smith, solicitor
Clerk to the School Attendance & Assessment Com- mittees, Charles McCartney Swarbreck, solicitor
Distributor of Stamps, Thomas Eeles, Kirkgate
Inland Revenue Officer, William Harrison, Kirkgate
Perpetual Commissioners for taking Acknowledgments of Married Women, Charles McCartney Swarbreck, John Richardson & William Robert West
Steward of the Manor Courts, Charles McCartney Swar- breck, Market pl
Town Crier, George Gill, Market place

St. Mary Magdalen Church, Rev. Charles Edward Camidge, M.A. vicar
Catholic Chapel, Castlegate, Rev.Alfd. H. Atkinson, priest
Congregational Chapel, Finkle street, Rev. Samuel Henry France, minister
Wesleyan Chapel, St. James's green, ministers various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castlegate, ministers various
Friends' Meeting House, Kirkgate

National (boys), St. James's green, James Walton, master
National (girls), Castlegate, Miss Raine, mistress
Catholic, Castlegate, Miss Emma H. Lumsden, mistress
British, Long street, Frederick William Wood, master; Miss Eliza Gibson, mistress
Infant, Finkle street, Mrs. Snowdon, mistress

Railway Station, William Charlton, station master & goods manager

CONVEYANCE. - Omnibus from the Fleece hotel, Market place, to meet every train

Coxwold - Wm. Gill from 'Three Tuns,' Market pl. mon
EASINGWOLD - Wilkinson, from 'White Swan,' monday
HAWNBY - Smith, monday, & Thos.Bell, monday & thus- day, from 'Three Tuns,' Market place; Sherwood, from 'Golden Lion,' Market place, monday 's
HUSTHWAITE - Deighton, from 'Crown,' Market pl mon
KILBURN - Thos. Cobb, from 'Three Tuns,' Market place, monday & friday
STOCKTON - ON - TEES - Edward Leybourn, from 'Red Bear,' Market place, monday
YORK - Wilkinson, from 'White Swan,' Market pl mon

Addison Rev. Frederic, Sutton road
Almgill Mrs. St. James's green
Armitage Miss, Ingramgate
Atkinson Rev. Alfred H. [Catholic], Castlegate
Baker Miss, Castlegate
Barley Richard, Castlegate
Bell John, Kirkgate
Boden John Thornton, Market place
Camidge Rev. Charles Edward, M.A. Vicarage
Camidge Mrs. The Crescent
Cass Samuel, Kirkgate
Dennes William, St. James's green
Drabble Mrs. The Crescent
Eeles Thomas, Kirkgate
Fawcett Mrs. Westgate
Fawcett Thomas, St. James's green
Freeman George, Westgate
Gamble Mrs. St. James's green
Griffiths Mrs. Ingramgate
Hall John, Castle terrace
Hartley Reginald, Finkle street
Heap William, Ingramgate
Hepton Mrs. St. James's green
Hodgson Mrs. St. James's green
Imeson Mrs. Ingramgate
Jackson Mrs. St. James's green
Jefferson Mrs. Castle terrace
Johnson James, Finkle street
Kitchingman, Mrs. Ingramgate
Leivers Henry, St. James's green
Longford Henry, Ingram house
Marr Archibald Colquhoun, Kirkgate
Marr Henry Dempeter Colquhoun, Kirkgate
Moore Joseph, St. James's green
Moses Robert, St. James's green
Packer Mrs. Market place
Pattison James, St. James's green
Peacock Miss, St. James a green
Pratt John Christopher, Market place
Proud Miss, Long street
Richmond John, Barbeck
Rob Mrs. Thorpfield
Rob William Ralph, Thorpfield
Robinson Thomas, Barbeck
Ryott William Hall, F.R.C.P.EDIN. Market place
Sanders Major Charles, The Hall
Scurr Richard William, Market place
Smailes Thomas, Long street
Smith Henry, Kirkgate
Stott Simon, St. James's green
Walton James, St. James's green
West Miss, Market place
West William Robert, Stoney Brough
Wild John, Castle terrace


Alderwick Richard, stationer, Market place
Alderwick Thomas, hatter, Market place
Allanson Williamson, boot & shoe maker, Market place
Amos Thomas, plumber & glazier, St. James's green
Anderson George, plumber & glazier, Kirkgate
Appleton Henry, cooper, Long street
Appleton John, shoe maker, Ingramgate
Appleton Teasdale, Frankland Arms, Ingramgate
Appleton Thomas, Old Three Tuns, Finkle street
Armitage Robert, accountant, Ingramgate
Ashman Ralph, hon. sec. to Mechanics' Institute, Westgate
Atkinson Henry, stone mason, Stammergate
Atkinson Margaret (Mrs.), milliner, Miligate
Atkinson William, Old Black Horse, Long street
Atley Robert, linen & woollen draper, Market place
Ayre George, chemist, Market place
Ayre George, picture dealer, Finkle street
Ayre Wm. wholesale & retail grocer & tea dealer, Miligate
Bailey Louisa (Mrs.), draper, Finkle street
Baker J. G. & Co. linen & woollen drapers & milliners, Market place
Baker George Richardson, grocer, Market place
BAMLETT ADAM CARLISLE, agricultural engineer
Barley Richard, actuary to savings bank & registrar of marriages, Castlegate
Barnes Jane & Sarah (Misses),general dealers, St.James's grn
Barnes Jane (Mrs.),straw bonnet ma.& millinr. St.James's grn
Barr Edward, farmer
Bateman William Dale, grocer & tailor, Market place
Baxter Jane (Mrs,), grocer, Westgate
Bell Ann (Mrs.), Wheat Sheaf, St. James's green
Bell Jane (Miss), dress maker, St. James's green
Bell William, architect & surveyor, Kirkgate
Benson & Maitchell, coal merchants, Stammergate
Benson Arthur, shopkeeper, Kirkgate
Best John, plumber, glazier & gas fitter, Ingramgate
Bickers Ann (Miss), confectioner, Finkle street
Bickers John, painter, St. James's green
Biggins Joseph, stone mason, St. James's green
Boden John Thornton, manager of Yorkshire Banking Company, Market place
Bolton Thomas, draper, Market place
Bosomworth Charles, Golden Lion, Market place
Buckle William, potato merchant, Market place
Bulmer Amos, Crown hotel, Market place
Bulmer Rachael Ann (Mrs.), King's Head, Millgate
Bumby James, shoe maker, St. James' green
Bumby John, blacksmith, Finkle street
Burgess Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, St. James's green
Barton William, cutler, Piper lane
Butterwick Richard, boot & shoe maker, St. James's green
Cartman Andrew, White Mare, Barbeck
Cass Samuel & Son, brewers, spirit & seed merchants, Castle brewery
Clark Joseph Robinson, photographer, Ingramgate
Clayton John, provision dealer, Stammergate
Clayton Joseph, shopkeeper, St. James's green
Clough Hy. Burn, irnmngr, tin plate worker & brazier, Kirkgt
Coggill William, Pheasant inn, St. James's green
Cole Francis, Greyhound inn, Bridge street
Coltman Brothers, linen & woollen drapers, Kirkgate
Cooper Benjamin, brick & tile manufacturer
Co-operative Stores (Chas. Greensides, manager), Millgate
Coulson John Smith, turner & cabinet maker, Kirkgate
Coulson Susan (Miss), baby linen warehouse, Kirkgate
County Court Office (Charles McCartney Swarbreck registrar), Market place
Cowton William, Black Lion, Westgate
Currie James, dyer, White Swan yard
Curry Thomas, saddle & harness maker, Market place
Dale George, gamekeeper to Major Sanders
Dale Hy. furnishing ironmonger & nail manufacturer. Millgate
Dale John, shopkeeper, Norby
Dalton George, cabinet maker & upholsterer, Kirkgate
Darnborough John, shoe maker, Stammergate
Davidson Ann (Mrs.), seed warehouse, Ingramgate
Davison Thomas, cowkeeper, Long street
Deighton William, shoe maker, Finkle street
Dickinson Sarah (Mrs.), King's Arms, Kirkgate
Dickson George, linen draper, Market place.
Dinsdale Thomas, Lord Nelson, & rope maker, St.James's grn
Dixon John, tailor, Long street
Dobson Henry, whitesmith, Long street
Dobson William, whitesmith, Bridge street
Dodgson Elizabeth (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Millgate
Dowson George, linen & woollen draper, Market place
Dowson George, seedsman & cake merchant, Market place
Dresser Thomas, Rising Sun, St. James's green
Driffield Thomas Nelson, seed warehouseman, Market place
Duncombe A. G. manager to the York City & County Banking Co. Market place
Easby Mensforth Andrew, spirit, ale & porter merchant, Chapel street
Easby Ralph, shoe maker, St. James's green
Eden James, tailor, St. James's green
Eeles Thomas, distributor of stamps, Kirkgate
Ellar Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Bridge street
Farmery John, shoe maker, Kirkgate
Fawcett John, tailor, St. James's green
Fleece family & commercial hotel & posting house (William Hall, proprietor), Market place
Foggitt William, chemist & druggist, Market place
Forster Christopher, saddle tree maker, Long street
Fox John, professor of music, Market place
Fox Thomas, cheese factor, Market place
Foxton William, Dolphin & Anchor, St. James's green
Freeman George, Auctioneer, valuer & stock salesman, Market place. See advertisement
Gamble Robert, shoe maker, Market place
Gas Company Limited (Robt. Leesam, manager), Long st
Gill George, town crier, Market place
Gill Thomas, cart owner, Long street
Gowland Francis, Cross Keys, & blacksmith, Kirkgate
Grainger James, grocer, Westgate
Greenhill John Henry, farmer, Thirsk lodge
Hall William, farmer, Barbeck
Hall William, Fleece family & commercial hotel & posting house, Market place
Harker Richard, carpenter, Long street
Harrison Thomas M. veterinary surgeon, Long street
Harrison William, Inland revenue officer, Kirkgate
Hartley Reginald, surgeon, Finkle street
Hattersley Mark, farmer, Abel grange
Haw William, Black Bull, Auctioneer & general agent, Miligate & Market place
Hawxwell Charles, professor of music, Westgate
Hill Thomas, saddle & harness maker, Market place
Hodgson Jane (Mrs.), grocer, Finkle street
Hodgson John, shoe maker, Westgate
Holyday Robert, grocer, Kirkgate
Hopper Jacob, shoe maker, Finkle street
Hopper Mary (Mrs.), shoe warehouse, Finkle street
Horn William, butcher, Market place
Horner George, eating house, Finkle street
Horner Thomas, cowkeeper, Long street
Horner William James, butcher, Golden Lion yard
Hudson Margaret (Mrs.), plumber & glazier, Market place
Hudson William, watchmaker &. jeweller, Market place
Humphrey Thomas, provision merchant & refreshrnent house, Market place
Hutchinson Francis, nurseryman & seedsman, Market place
Hutley Agnes (Mrs.), general dealer, Market place
Hutton Margaret (Miss), farmer
Ingham Thos. glass, china & earthenware warehouse, Finkle st
Jackman Wm. hair dresser & dealer in music, Market place
Jackson William, builder, Westgate
Jaques Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer, Kirkgate
Jaques Robert, bookseller, stationer & printer, Market pl
Jaques Robert, servants' registry office & dept of the Religious Tract Society, Market place
Jefferson William, shopkeeper, Long street
Johnson Edwin, butcher, Market place
Johnson James, grocer, wine & spirit importer & seed mer- chant, Market place
Jordison James, farmer, The Spa
Jordison James, farmer, Sutton road
Kay Mary Ann (Miss), cowkeeper, Long street
Kemp George W. tailor, woollen draper, hosier & hatter, Market place
Kemp Mrs. milliner, Market place
Kendrew William, Royal hotel, Market place
Lancaster George, saddler & harness maker, Market place
Lee Annie (Mrs.), butcher, Market place
Lee William, butcher, Market place
Lee James Robert, butcher, Castlegate
Lee John, butcher, Market place
Lee Robert, cabinet maker & joiner, Bridge street
Lee Samuel, confectioner, Market place
Lee William, butcher, Market place
Leesam Robert, manager to Gas Co. Long street
Long Charles, shoe maker, Miligate
Long Robert, Three Tuns Hotel, Market place
Longford Henry, L.K.Q.C.P. I.R.E.L. surgeon, Ingram house
Lyon Richard, farmer, Sutton road
Manfield Christopher, builder, Kirkgate
Manfield George, builder, Bridge street
Manield John, miller & corn merchant, Long street
Marr & Co. brewers, Kirkgate
Marshall Thomas, Queen's Head, Barbeck
Masterman Henry, wine & spirit merchant, Market place
Mechanics' Institute (Ralph Ashman, hon. sec.),Westgate
Meek David, shoe maker, Chapel street
Mosey Robert, provision dealer, Miligate
Neesam Mark, hair dresser, Finkle street
Nicholson John, grocer, St. James's green
Nicholson John, tallow chandler, St. James's green
Oliver William, shopkeeper, Norby
Packer Mrs. fancy repository, Castlegate
Pasfield George William, grocer, Ingramgate
Pattison David, shopkeeper, Stammergate
Pattison James, coach builder, St. James's green
Pattison William, painter & paper hanger, Miligate
Payne Thomas, machinist, Ingramgate
Pearson Richard, fellmonger, St. James's green
Pearson Richard, seed & manure merchant, Market place
Pearson Robert, tailor & woollen draper, Miligate
Peat David, publisher, printer, stationer & wine & spirit merchant, Market place
Pennington John, hair dresser, Market place
Pick Thomas, farmer, Kirkgate
Pickersgill Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Long street
Pratt John Christopher, boot & shoe maker, Market place,
Prest Richard, saddler and harness maker, Ingramgate
Purdy Richd. S. general & furnishing ironmonger, Market pl
Raper Sidney, watch maker & jeweller, Market place
Reynard Elizabeth (Mrs.), Black Swan, Norby
Rhodes John, solicitor (firm, Swarbreck & Rhodes), Market pl
Rhodes Quintin, brewer, maltster & spirit merchant, Kirkgate
Richardson John, solicitor, Castlegate
Richardson Robert, cabinet maker & joiner, Millgate
Richmond James, tin plate worker, Finkle street
Ridsdale Henry, tailor, Kirkgate
Rob William Ralph, farmer, Thorpfield
Robson Robert, watch maker & jeweller, Finkle street
Rose John, cabinet maker, Finkle street
Rowell William, shoe maker, Kirkgate
Royal Oak family commercial hotel (Mrs. Mary Sadler, proprietress), Market place
Ruecroft William, builder, Kirkgate
Rutherford Thomas, butcher & market gardener, Millgate & Market place
Ryott William Hall, physician, Market place
Savings Bank (Richard Barley, actuary), Castlegate
Sadler Mary (Mrs.), Royal Oak hotel, Market place
Sanders Michael, joiner & wheelwright, Long street
Scott Thomas, farmer, Moorhouse
Scott Thomas, land agent to Major Sanders, Kirkgate
Scott William Walter, saddler & harness maker, Market pl
Seavers William, Blacksmiths' Arms, Market place
Shepherd Jane (Mrs.), confectioner, Castlegate
Simpson Henry, master of union house, Sutton road
Shelton Joseph, farmer, Wood Hill field
Skilbeck John & Son, grocers, china & glass dealers, Market pl
Slingaby Abraham, New inn, Westgate
Smith B. & Son linen & woollen drapers, Market place
Smailes Thomas, secretary to Thirsk Poor Man's Union Corn Mill Co. Limited, Long street
Smith Bartholomew, artist, Market place
Smith Henry, solicitor, Market place
Smithson Joseph, cart owner, Westgate
Smithson Ralph, pork butcher, Finkle street
Snowden William & Thomas, gardeners, Barbeck
Sowden Samuel, butcher, St. James's green
Spence Charles, shoe maker, Long street
Spence Thomas, farmer, Long street
Stamp Office (Thomas Eeles, distributor), Kirkgate
Stapylton Ann (Mrs.), shoe maker, Market place
Stapylton Mary (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Long street
Stapylton Miles, shoe maker, Long street
Stockdale John, boot & shoe maker, Market place
Stott James, grocer, Long street
Stott John, grocer, Market place
Stott Simon, sec. to Thirsk Provident Corn Mill Soc. Millgate
Sturdy Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, Westgate ,
Suffill Daniel, cowkeeper, Long street
Suffill Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, Long street
Sutton Frederick, Star inn, Westgate
Sutton Henry, tailor, Westgate
Swarbreck & Rhodes, solicitors, Market place
Temperance commercial hotel (Thomas Ingham, proprietor), Finkle street
Thirsk Church Institute (The Lord Archbishop of York, patron; the Vicar, president; Sergt.Maj. Rawlins, sec)
Thirsk Poor Man's Union Corn Mill Co. Limited (Thomas Smailes, sec.), Long street
Thirsk Provident Corn Mill Society (Simon Stott, sec.), Millgate
Thompson John & Son, pharmaceutical chemists, Market pl
Thompson John, chimney sweeper, Piper lane
Thompson Thomas, rope maker, Millgate
Thompson Thomas, saddler & harness maker, Kirkgate
Thornton Ann (Mis.), shopkeeper, Finkle street
Thornton James, M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, Kirkgate
Tose James, Red Bear, Market place
Trenholme Thomas, Duke of Wellington, Long street
Trueman Charles, tailor, Kirkgate
Trueman Jane (Miss), grocer, Long street
Trueman-Spence Wm. White Swan inn, & tailor, Market pl
Tweedy Matthew, brewer, maltster & farmer, Long street
Van Gelderen, surgeon dentist, Market place
Varley John, basket maker, Barbeck
Walburn George, grocer, Kirkgate
Walker Elizabeth (Mrs.), soda water & lemonade manufacturer, St. James's green
Ward Ann (Miss), dress maker. Long street
Ward George, butcher, Long street
Ward John, tailor, Finkle street
Ward Robert, rope maker, Market place
Watson & Clayton, tailors & drapers, Kirkgate
Watson Philip, blacksmith & iron founder, Market place
Watson William, farmer, Grizzle field
Watson William, whitesmith, Millgate
Welbourn Frederick, watch maker, Market place
West William Robert, solicitor, Market place
Westwick Matthew, joiner & wheelwright, Market place
Wetherill Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, Finkle street
Whittaker Ann (Mrs.), chemist, druggist & wine & spirit merchant, Market place
Wigglesworth Elizabeth Jane (Mrs.), general & furnishing ironmonger, Market place
Wild George, joiner & builder, Ingramgate
Wild John, confectioner, Kirkgate
Wild John, timber merchant, Market place
Wilkinson Thomas John, agent to York Union Banking Company, Market place
Willie Edward, farmer, Long street
Wilson William, currier, Long street
Wilson William, shoe maker, Long street
Wood William, bricklayer, Long street
Woodward John, auctioneer, Castlegate
Wootton Joseph, marine store dealer, Long street
Wright Elizabeth (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Kirkgate
Wright George, boot & shoe maker, Kirkgate
Wright John, builder & contractor, Ingramgate
Wright William, White Horse, Long street
Wright Zaccheus, bookseller, stationer & printer, Market pl
York City & County Banking Co. (A. C. Duncombe, manager), Market place; draw on Barnetts, Hoares & Co. London
York Union Banking Co. (branch) (T. J. Wilkinson agent), Market place; draw on Glyn, Mills & Co. London
Yorkshire Banking Co. (branch), (John Thornton Boden, manager), Market place; draw on Williams', Deacon & Co. London
Young Isaac, rag merchant, St. James' green