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Thankyou for visiting these pages. Their subjects are complaints to Hambleton District Council for maladministration of planning applications; tree preservation orders and a planning appeal relating to, the now burnt out, Whitelass House.

You might feel Hambleton were justified, lying to planning appeal, and that the Whitelass House landmark is an important achievement for the Council. If so, let's work together to publicise and celebrate it.

Otherwise, perhaps bear in mind my family have lost a house - my childhood home. We had to stand by helplessly as it was torn apart by vandals and vagabonds. Ultimately I had to watch it burn out.

Hambleton think the answer is a fifth, expensive and identical planning application to remove the occupancy condition - in identical circumstances. If a new application will succeed, what was wrong with the first four, or with the appeal?

Why did Hambleton's senior officers repeatedly lying to cover up the way they selected a stone road for a tree preservation order at Whitelass House?

How much more scarce public time and money will officers squander covering up their disasterous record?

Please find some time to read these pages, or speak to me (01845 522604 (day) or 07946 466428 (mobile)), and consider the complaints.

Edward Barker

It is that time of year again. Hambleton District Council are considering some of the issues on September 11, 2003 at 2pm. This time they embargoed the committee papers from their web site as confidential. They are provided here. sorry, but they are all pdf.

Front page of my submission
Main text of my submission
Letter to Standards Committee 23 June 2003
23 May comments about Steve Quartermain lying to Standards Committee
24 May comments about planning officers conduct
Letter to Mrs Imeson March 2003 - the in the post affair
Just why do councillors keep on defending that old tree order 2000/4?
Hambleton and the Environment Agency. The tree order that never was.
Judgement for enforcement action July 2002
Mr Simpson's comments 19 June 2003
Edward Barker scripts for Development control Committee April & May 2003
Full Whitehead Associates report 13 March 2003
Hambleton officer reports on tree order to Development Control Committee 2003
Agenda and Hambleton case to June 2002 Standards Committee meeting
Edward Barker notes and comments from June 2002 Standards Committee meeting
(above are bound in a black spine)
Edward Barker case to Standards Committee June 2002. Bound in white spine. Appendices are not included on line.
A couple of complaints about Hambleton's handling of the September 2003 Standards Committee - includes Hambleton's written case.

Whitelass House dispute - summary and older material


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