Smith Archive blog

21 December 2002 - Converted the pesky cgi scripts from perl to shell script. Much better, with statistics, timestamping and more on screen progress comments. Leaves less temporary information lying around and emails error lists to me.

Set out some more of the Westminster School magazine.

18 December 2002 - Minor corrections including Eva Richardson mistake. Regenerated everything and transferred static pages to the web.

10 December 2002 - Added a few christening dates and spouses names after a quick trip to start looking at the Parish Records at North Yorkshire Archive Office. Great place, but full of dull people researching THEIR OWN family history.

The inbreeding in this small town was frightening and explains some of the grossly deformed people still struggling around the streets.

516 individuals and 191 marriages.

4 December 2002 - Fixed a few very minor spelling mistakes, especially in hyperlinks that were throwing up robot errors.

29 November 2002 - I need to fix the cgi script on the webserver - it isn't quite working right - done; another one of those issues with extra LF characters when a sed filter file was moved from a Windows to Linux environment. Individual's titles were being missed out; also some people incorrectly deemed living were having their notes cut and sed generated hyperlinks were being dropped.

Got an interesting message explaining where Scougall and the Grand Tour scrapbook fit in!

No time to actually add to the material today.

27 November 2002 - Well, the structure seems to be working so I stripped Henry Smith's funeral and Major Sanders obit out of the ged pages into standalone ones automatically linked using the link-by robot. Makes ged smaller and the whole thing is getting rather more manageable.

Finished formatting and linking the Thirsk and Sowerby Kellys 1879 pages.

Added a page for Lt Dawnay ready to link in any of that material that I get around to incorporating - it certainly was a big Thirsk story at the time.

Rewrote the Thirsk Water summary - gets rid of another "under construction" area.

26 November 2002 - Modified the output for the individual person pages to remove reference to marriage notes when they are not married - just removes some unnecessary clutter from the pages.

Tidied up the transparency on the masonic picture of Camidge.

23 November 2002 - Had a stab at adding the Kellys' 1879 entries for Thirsk and Sowerby.

22 November 2002 - Several minor discrepancies tidied up. Started to figure out the Rhodes' - they just keep cropping up in these documents. Originally I tried to manually write two way links between individuals and between individuals and other pages. That wasn't maintainable - now done one way and backlink automated, like the genealogical links. I have started removing some of the duplicated manual back links when I come across them, but it will take a few months to encounter and remove a significant proportion.

488 individuals and 180 marriages in 11012 ged lines.

21 November 2002 - Superhuman effort ensures the completion of the conversion to linked html of the Falcon Lodge history and now I have pages of pedigree of Barker dumped on me - help!

Expansion of the ged data is by cgi script now which is a lot more convenient for me. I have stopped putting html into Gene Stark's lines in gendex.txt which should please him.

483 individuals and 179 marriages, but over 10,000 ged lines,

18 November 2002 - Unfortunately I have been rather busy elsewhere, but have added a few more documents including the 1910 election address and I have made a good start on the 1910 history of the Thirsk masonic lodge.

26 October 2002 - Finally got around to to adding a linked by feature on the individual people pages in the smith section which gives links to the other (not family linkages) people and subject pages where they are referred to. The benefit is to me because I only have to create the links one way - to the person - and the computer builds the other way itself. It will take a while to settle down. some of the page titles it pulls out are not yet particulary helpful. You will need IE 5 at least. It uses client side XML transformation.

22 October 2002 - Took some of the free information from the 1901 online census and did a tentative attempt at the Rymers - also got hold of Frederic's wife's birthdate - she had them all fooled. It seems to have sprawled to 390 people, but still getting more detailed rather than just a list of names and dates.

16 October 2002 - Added a few Walker family individuals to the person framework and hyperlinked some of the names in the water documents back to the individuals pages. There is a problem with external hyperlinks - they seem to die as soon as I link them.

14 October 2002 - Set to with the OCR and captured most of the water prospectus and petition opposing in the house of lords. Much more left like that to do!

11 October 2002 - The old PAF sources had got all confused - ripped them out of PAF into an archive to gradually obsolete them. Added information on the Robert Nares and Jackson Barwis links as well as a little bit more on the Thirsk Water material. Busy week so little spare time for this. Westminster School is becoming a common feature.

I padded out the Swarbreck dates with some found on the internet and created links out to the Gillow pages including the rest of the Swarbreck information.

4 October 2002 - Added some outline of the family list of Swarbreck. Go SSH going for Updated the public data. Set the expansion up as a cron job - we shall see what happens. Dug out the standard Kilvington and Upsall information so I should be able to link to that. Then I need to get the information deeper; more reliable and interlinked rather than wider.

3 October 2002 - Dug out some more Jamaica information on the internet and added appropriate comments. sorted out some erroneous county locations. added comment about Grendon. set up a sed routine to pre-process the output from PAF. It does the irritating NPFX to TITL correction and also sets up hyperlinks on all Thirsk locations - I should be able to add others in the same way fairly easily. Also, when the SSH goes into place at, updating the web site should be very quick and easy. Links established between Josie Smith and F E Walker.

Added a few observations of names from Pigots 1834 Directory. sed is now applying hyperlinks to Dry Drayton, Handale and Peter Tavy now, as well as Thirsk.

Put a little bit of extra information to the later Bells of Thirsk, but struggled with the early ones - there is a lot of conflicting bits of information about. I Tried to add some Livesey information, but this is hampered by the Bell difficulty. The Bell - Livesey and Turton stuff seems OK - what little there is of it.

Added a commentary note to the bottom of every mechanically produced page.

2 October 2002 - Added much material on Markhams that married another daughter of Rev Wm MacBean. Also standardised all place names and tidied several areas up. added some church descriptions and pictures for Smith and MacBean. Bash account isn't going on yet, so the expansion hasn't been done so you can't see the changes taking effect. Linked in some comments about Westminster School, also added some information found on Fitzherberts - Rev Alleyne married Frances Elizabeth Smith.

Dug out some information Jamaica and added that for Hon. William Barrett. The plantations are very much a common factor.

1 October 2002 - The first of the family and local history organised by person unleashed on an uninterested world.

The standard hatchment information from the church was added including the images. Some minor corrections and the link to Hugo HS' site added belatedly.

The Linux Ged2HTML is working at and once SSH is setup for the setup can be copied and set up live. Prior to this, the program was run in Thirsk and all the files uploaded. In the future, only the ged and support files will be uploaded and the expansion can be carried out at the ISP site which should be a lot better and more scalable.

There are 308 individuals and 99 marriages.