A C Bamlett Limited

This page is being slotted in as an intersection to all of the Bamlett references that have appeared on this website. It isn't meant as any sort of definitive history of the firm.

Eponymous founder was Adam Carlisle Bamlett

Some of the workers encountered are:-
Frances Jane Smith, a wartime recruit to the mould shop with her twin,
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Frederic MacBean Smith

The signatories to the Ward and Thornton petition giving moulder and other metal trade professions almost certainly also worked there.

The A C Bamlett Limited site on Station Road and the junction with Westgate and Topcliffe Road; formerly, in part, the old Thirsk town railway station, is now a Tesco supermarket and other commercial space.

It was the major manufacturing employer in Thirsk. After a turbulent last few decades and several changes of ownership, it finally shut in about 1980.

The factory was a general iron foundry, specialising in agricultural machinery and especially the Bamlett horse drawn grass mower which was exported worldwide. Raw materials were brought in and product despatched by rail from private sidings.

During wartime, production was switched to the war effort drawing on a hastily trained, largely female workforce.

Latterly, steel fabrication was employed to produce hedgecutter components; yard scrapers; mobile animal feed mixers; cement mixers and other small agricultural machines. The firm acted as an importer and distributor of Same tractors and other equipment.

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